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Multi-national T34 pulled from mud of lake

May 2, 2010

Check this story out.  Pretty cool.


AVL – End of Game

December 28, 2007

The city defenses of Kharkov were never touched as the exterior defenders could not be moved.  A last ditch attempt to encircle and cut off supply from Kharkov and Rostov also failed to have the length needed.  Ending in a German victory.

Final VP’s: German 25 Russian 11

FloydWing’s Final Thoughts:  I feel lucky to have held out.  Our messing up some of the rules at the beginning (namely that only Russian mechanized units were worth VPs) probably added to the German ability to hold on.  Another turn or more and I would have been in serious trouble.  Saving my MOT and TOT saved the day.

Nephew #4’s Final Thoughts:   Our initial VP mess up made me too tentative at the beginning.  The Germans through up a good defense.  I didn’t even think I’d get close to Rostov.  Once again, throwing 1’s and 2’s at Kharkov makes it hard to win.  Also, never getting the command chits pulled when needed like the German was getting really stunk.

AVL – End of Turn 8

December 28, 2007

A lot of grinding of armies near Kharkov.  Lines starting to be stretched the length of the map.  A full last ditch push from the Russians is underway.

VPs: Germans 25 Russians 10

FloydWing’s thoughts:  Hang on just one more turn.  It’s never been a question of the umbrella collapsing, it’s a question of how slowly it collapses.

Nephew #4 thoughts:  1’s and 2’s don’t win a war.

AVL – End of Turn 7

December 28, 2007

Donets River near Kharkov starting to be crossed by Russians, though stiff German resistance is present.  Russians near the southern Donets River have grown frustrated at repeatedly being thrown back and have started to try an end around.  Middle has surprisingly been static but still mushy.

VPs: German 25 Russian 9

FloydWing’s thoughts:  I think I can.  I think I can.

Nephew #4’s thoughts:  The situation is bleak.  Turn 8 needs to see a massive thrust forward into Kharkov so I can attack on the last turn.  Rostov looks out of reach.

AVL – End of Turn 6

December 28, 2007

Kharkov has been fortified, appears tight though battle will surely follow along the river.  Southern Donets River defenses are holding and appear strong, though cracks are forming.  Middle area presents the most interesting positions, somewhat mushy, something will surely happen here.

VPs: German 25 Russian 6

FloydWing’s thoughts:  Love the Manstein chits!  They are proving very valuable, especially when they come out during the last two moves of the turn to allow me to reposition my defenses.   Unless I ever destroy any mechanized Russians, I can’t afford to lose more than one Victory City.

Nephew #4’s thoughts:  First mistake of the turn was putting a wrong command chit in the mix, but it turned out decent.  The next turn will be critical for determining whether I’ll have a chance at Rostov or Kharkov.

AVL – End of Turn 5

December 27, 2007

2nd German blunder is made as entering 1st Panzer mobile forces are diverted to try to take out some easy infantry in the south.  They should have headed to the interior.  Northern Hungarian front totally collapses and is exploited by Russian armor.  Full German front begins retreat en-masse.  Germans rush units and reinforcements to protect Kharkov from Russian advance.

In the middle of all this, we realized that Russian infantry are worth no VPs, only mechanized Russian units.  So that made the 1st Panzer Army gambit and the earlier 4th Panzer Army actions were a waste of time.  Adjusting the VPs yields: German 25 Russian 3.

FloydWing’s thoughts:  Damn VP mess-up.  I should have been more conservative anyways, but for a moment I thought I could move to gain an early victory.  Now I’m in full retreat and trying to maintain line integrity.  I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to slowly give ground.  I’m starting to think I can maybe afford to give up one victory city.

Nephew #4 thoughts:  Breakthrough achieved.  Supply line is going to be an issue.  I’m happy with the new VP thing.  🙂

AVL – End of Turn 4

December 27, 2007

The Hungarians were nearly vaporized in the north.  Very few units remain to guard the northern rail lines.  The middle section was somewhat stagnant though the Russians retook the one hex that they were pushed out of last turn.  In the south, the Germans finished off the 28 Army and pushed two tank divisions back across the Don.  But it was a short lived respite as the Russians have started breaching the lines by the southern Don, nearly enveloping 3 full Panzer divisions, but at the cost of some out of supply troops.

VP’s – Germans 28 Russians 1

FloydWings thoughts:  Turn kind of sucked since all five of my command chits were out when only one of the Russians.  Wasn’t much for me to do and then not being able to tidy up my lines at the ends, means the turn 5 command chit pulls are going to be very important.  The 1st Panzer Army will enter on turn 5 and the 4th Panzer Army needs to get in full gear after finishing off the 28A.

Nephew #4 thoughts:  The stalemate in the center and to the south is becoming somewhat of an annoyance.  Finally got across the river so hopefully I can spearhead across there and confront the new army coming on the board.  I’m happy with the complete domination of the Hungarian hoard that they call and army.  Hopefully that opens up some options and open up a drive towards Karkhov.

AVL – End of Turn 3

December 27, 2007

Nothing much happened.

FloydWing says:  I made a blunder by trying to counterattack against some mobile units.  A 4-1 attack actually kind of sucks in that it’s hard to do any damage.  I’m beginning to see that this game is mainly about forcing retreats, and I don’t have the people to get in their baffles for ZOC retreat loss.

Nephew #4 says:  Still trying to get that elusive breakthrough.  That is all.  Reinforcements should be helpful.

AVL – End of Turn 2

December 27, 2007

German lines starting to show cracks but holding.  Lines starting to be stretched.  Italians nearly demolished.  Infantry casualties on both sides evened out.

VP’s – German 26 Russian 1

FloydWings thoughts:  Don’t like my lines being stretched so much.  Took an opportunity to attack the 28 Army.  It’s HQ is is eliminated and I’ll finish the other two units off in turn 3 hopefully.  Kind of wondering whether to risk that or pull back.

Nephew #4 thoughts:   Initial broad front tactic has been transformed into a more spear-headed attack which is creating pockets which is somewhat pleasing.  Still unsure of the success of my attacks.  Still need to push a little harder.  It’s a long ways to Berlin.

<Berlin isn’t even on the map.  🙂 >

A Victory Lost Simulcast

December 27, 2007

The start time is approaching. Nephew #4 will arrive anytime now and our forces will lock into a dance of death. The battlefield is A Victory Lost. I will be leading the Germans and Nephew #4 will be the Russians. The game represents the Russian offensive Operation Saturn as they begin to drive the Germans back. Stalingrad is nearing total collapse for the Germans and the 1st Panzer Army will soon begin a full retreat from the Caucasus. It should be an interesting game. This game came out last year and there’s been a lot of good hype for it.  As the Germans, it looks like I’ll have my work cut out for me trying to contain the Russian advance.  The victory conditions comes down to who controls up to 5 victory cities (worth 5 points each) and causing casualties.  The Germans have a lot of Axis minor allies that don’t count for VP’s so they will make nice cannon fodder to slow things down.  Infantry casualties count for 1VP and armor casualties count for 3VP.  Finding those opportune times for counterattacks will be crucial.

Oh the boy is here.  Gotta go.