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Regurgitation of the day

October 25, 2008

Sorry Buckeyes, the Wings play tonight so I won’t be able to give much attention to you.  I’ll try to switch over now and then, but my heart belongs to hockey more than football.  It’s probably better I don’t watch anyways.  If I focused my complete attention there, they’d probably lose.  The pesky Blackhawks are on tap tonight.  They’ve made some big strides the past couple of seasons and the rivalry from when I first started watching hockey is starting to renew.

Relation is in town tonight and we’re watching their kidlings while they go to the Lions game tomorrow.  You read that right.  People still actually go to Lions games.  I’ve quit watching after about week 3-4, whenever it was they came all the way back to take the lead and then still got blown out in the last 5 minutes.  Horrible.  I’m starting to understand what it must feel like to be a Browns or Bengals fan.

It’s a dark day for the Light Blue soccer team.  Leading 3-0 at the half, over a team we toasted 8-1, you’d think we could hold on to a victory.  Nope.  They inched back, took the lead, we tied it, but ended up losing by two 6-4.  Bummer.  Now we’ll need to work hard to end up with an even record.  The refs had a little too much affect on the game today.  There were a lot of obvious throw ins that went against us and a critical corner was given when no one on our team touched it.  That led to the go ahead goal from which we couldn’t recover.  Not making excuses, we should have scored more and not had to worry about it.  Small glimpses of a passing game surfaced today, but there were far more opportunities that still aren’t being taken.  We also can’t keep our defense anchored and end up out of position quite a bit.  Oh well, on to the final game prep.

I took a ton of glass bottles to be recycled today.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t turn them in for the Michigan bottle refund since I didn’t buy them here, at least that’s the way it is at Kroger.  The damn machine rejects bottles not purchased there, and even some that were.  So I unloaded all my old collection and will now just buy and return from Flicks.

Anybody know what I can do with a near shoulder high stack of broken down cardboard boxes from our move.  I’m sure there must be some type of recycling for them and I’d rather do that then just have the trash man take them.  But I need them out of my garage!

I also may look into unloading some of my old magazines at the local library, if they’ll take them.  I’ve got I don’t know how many years of Linux Journal and Linux Magazine.  I know there’s a ton of articles I haven’t read.  I keep telling myself I’ll get back through them at some point, but will I really?  And will the articles be out of date by then anyways.  I’ve also got 2-3 years worth of Dr. Dobb’s Journal from like 10 years ago, back when it was a thicker and I think somewhat more enjoyable software magazine.  What do other people do with their subscriptions?  I’ve let Linux Magazine drop and I’m on my last year of Linux Journal, so I’m trying to stop these things that I don’t read anyways.  Unfortunately, I’ve just picked up a new subscription of Armchair General because of one of the girlywogs school drives.  I think I’ll probably make a point to read it though.  I’ve picked up a copy here and there in the past.  The bad thing with the linux magazines is I’ve never kept a linux box put together long enough to really make use of the info.

I’ve got another Mississippi Mud on tap for tonight.  I’m looking forward to relaxing with one of those.


Lost week

October 20, 2008

Where did last week go?  I had notes for like 4 posts all queued up for last week, and then all my time to write them up disappeared.  I hope to have a little more time this week.  The weekend looks to be filled up again, but hopefully I can sneak a post or two in before then.  I really need to reconfig my wireless so it’s secure.  That way I can be posting from wherever when I have a free moment, without needing to drag myself to the den.

The old soccer team played our worst game of the season.  Things just weren’t clicking and everyone seemed to be dragging.  I’m probably to blaim, because I was pretty much exhausted and not into our Thursday night practice.  We were back on our heels for most of the game.  We managed to tie it up near the middle of the 3rd quarter but they had retaken the lead by the end.  Two more goals pretty much sucked any remaining life out of us and we lost 5-2.

We’re still having trouble with a few people not passing to wide open wingers and staying in position in general.  My other coach was so frustrated that he talked me in to having practice on Tuesday this week.  Unfortunately, I’m probably not going to be able to make.  It sounds like he just wants to talk to them about positional play and keep harping on the playing as a team stuff.  Doesn’t matter how good anybody is if they don’t pass to the open person.  It’s pretty easy for the other team to defend one person with the ball.  Then Thursday we’ll maybe just do some drills, no more scrimmaging.  The early darkness will also cut down on our time.

I did get my three games on the day they were estimated to arrive.  I’ve got some live box openings to write up for those as well as another beer review.  I’d also like to get to a few book reviews that I’ve been meaning to share also.

Hopefully, you’ll hear from me a few more times this week.

Barn burner

October 12, 2008

WOW!  What an amazing game!  Today’s soccer game was probably the best I’ve ever seen or been involved with.  Such a nail biter and back forth affair that the outcome was in doubt just about until the very end.

The day started out early as we had to be there at 7:45am for team pictures.  It was chilly and foggy and I had far too little coffee in me yet, but I got through it.  🙂  We knew one of our players was going to miss the day and pictures.  Unfortunately, another one of our players didn’t make it there in time for the team photo.  Bummer.  The team photo will be how I remember this season.

On to the game where we had nearly an hour warm up period until the game started.  A lot of horsing around got us through that.

The game started and we were quickly down 2-0.  It looked to be a long day.  But the kids battled back and tied it up before going down 3-2 at the end of the first quarter.  From then on it was a dog fight.  We’d tie it up and they’d go back ahead.  We never had the lead until it was tied 6-6 in the last quarter.

All game my players had been complaining about this girl on the other team that was hitting and holding.  They mentioned it to the refs but it continued nonetheless.  I got so sick of the complaining that I had to raise my voice some to get us to put that behind us.  It’s up to the ref to take care of that stuff, I told them.  Just play your game and try to ignore her.

She ended up being the other teams downfall.  Tied 6-6 mid-way through the 4th quarter, she got called for holding one of our team inside the penalty box.  We had our girl who can put a lot of height on the ball to take the penalty shot and she provided a beautiful arcing shot that sailed over the defense and goalie into the net.  We never looked back, adding two more goals to win the game 9-6.

It was one of those hard fought games that your glad to have been a part of, especially being on the winning side.  I don’t think my heart can take many more like that.  Though next week we play the first team that beat us.  We know we can play with them and that we’ve improved greatly, but they’ve had some games under their belt to improve also.  Should be another tough game.  This game definitely woke me up for the rest of the day.

We still need to work on our passing the ball and our defense was pushing up a little too far.  So some things we’ll need to address at practice this week.

Woo hoo!  UT beat the Wolverines!


October 5, 2008

Today’s quote: I bet one of the biggest dreams for a hair stylist would be for them to be able to work on their own hair from above or behind.

Well, I banked my first ever win as a coach over the weekend, an 8-1 affair that was quite enjoyable to coach.  I actually had made a rotation for who would play where in what quarter.   But that got thrown out the window when the other team didn’t have enough players.  So we played with 5 plus the goalie so I was back to doing the lines on the fly.  It didn’t go too bad.  I felt like I got to pay a little more attention, though that could be that I’m just coming up with the changes quicker.  We switched from an attack formation relatively early on, not wanting to pile in too many goals.  But it seemed like whoever we had out there, the kids were just on fire.

I got some nice compliments from a parent after the game about how this season and last have been so different for her daughter.  She’s much more involved and excited.  I love all the kids and it’s great to hear that maybe I am making a difference.  I don’t feel like I’m really able to teach them much, but at least their enjoying themselves and the game of soccer.

I do have one problem boy who is constantly running his mouth, telling people they suck at things and to shut up.  I’ve discussed his attitude with him before but it’s not seemed to have any effect.  Then I come to find out that during the game he kept saying things about how bad the other team was and that we had the game in the bag.  Things that you just say during a game like that or any time.  So next practice, we’re going to have a discussion with the team about showing class and professionalism to the other team and your own.  I doubt it’s really going to sink in for this kid though.  Most of the problems we have in practice are a result of his mouth or actions also.

I’ve threatened that he won’t be playing if his rudeness continues, but I don’t know if I have it in me to actually bench someone.

Game 1

September 30, 2008

Saturday I made my coaching debut in a real game.  It was quite a nervous and harrowing thing.  Trying to come up with good formations and where kids should play on the fly was very nerve wracking.  We got our first subs in like 10 seconds before the first quarter was over.  DOH!  I think we settled down after the half and had things more under control.  The kids started sticking to their positions.  Forwards were staying on the attack side.  Defenders were sticking to their given side.  We started playing a 2-2-3.

The 3rd quarter felt like the longest quarter ever.  It just seemed like we kept getting pinned back and back.  They scored like two goals in the final minute when it sure seemed like they should have blown the whistle 2 minutes earlier.

We made a valient attempt at coming back but wound up 1 goal down.  We had a beautiful big league goal where our center took it to the side, switching with a forward and then centered it right onto the foot of the forward.  GOAL!

Having 12 kids, I think we’re going to separate them into 3 units of 4, and then just have 2 units out each quarter, then sub halfway through the 4th quarter.  That way 4 kids will play 3 quarters and 8 kids will play 2 1/2.  We’ll mix it up each game.  Hopefully this will give me time to give some advice and pay attention more.

I’m enjoying it other than it seemed like I was nose down figuring out subs.  Seemed like I didn’t get to really see much of the game.

Had one parent yell something that made my blood boil.  Don’t know who, but I was hot.  It was probably in the 2nd and we had a throw in deep in the opponents’ end.  We made some subs and either we didn’t tell someone well enough where to go or somebody lost their assignment.  We ended up with somebody to throw in and one other person on that end of the field.  A parent yelled out “Hey coach!  It’ll be tough to score with only 2 people on that end.”  We had quickly rectified the situation anyways, but I just wanted to shout back “If your freakin god’s gift to soccer coaching, why didn’t you get off your dead beat butt and volunteer.”  Most parents don’t want to have to put forth any effort.  Back in L-Town, the ref’s were volunteers usually from the parents.  I always ref’d my fair amount but most didn’t want to.  My thought is: Shout encouragement for your child and for the team and “good job” when somebody does something really good.  But otherwise, keep your mouth shut unless you’re going to step up.

P.S.  Coaching has taken away my time of really being able to watch my girlywog play.  Now it’s like I’ve adopted 11 other kids that I need to try to keep an eye on at some point or another.   I really enjoy the kids but miss seeing what she’s doing all the time.

Fall training (in the fall)

September 18, 2008

Well, the second round of practice went much better than the first.  Myself and Ryan were more organized with some ideas of things and we were able to keep the kids busy.  I didn’t get one name wrong, amazingly(!), and I think the kids had a good time.  I know I did.  We’re finding out that the games we use for learning are much more well received than doing straight skill practice.  No surprise, but there are some things that need worked on that are hard to just do games to learn.  The main things we’re seeing right now that we need to work on are proper kicking and passing techniques (a lot are using their toes straight on instead of sides of foot or more to the top of the foot) and using your teammates.  We need to get used to passing a lot to confuse the defense.  Two practices next week and then it’s game day.

Spring Training, Fall Style

September 16, 2008

Well, my coaching career began tonight as the Lt. Blue team hit the field to get to know one another and start learning some skills.  One thing we found out:  Our coach (me) hasn’t a clue.  I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.  The kids are great.  We’ve got a really good mix and some really good players.  The problem is me.

  • I need to get more vocal, maintain control, let the kids know what I want them to do.  My shy, quiet demeanor doesn’t work very well.
  • I need to learn their names.  This should be very difficult.  I’ve had brain farts and forgotten people’s names that I’ve known for a lifetime.  I forget someone’s name 5 seconds after I’m introduced.  Now I have 11 new kids that I need to learn.  I hate saying “Hey you”, so I’ve got to get this one figured out.
  • I need to come up with some good practice ideas to teach them more about soccer, get them ready for our games, and give me an idea of who would be good playing where and with who.

So if anybody has any advice on how I can overcome my shortcomings or of good soccer practice ideas, please throw me a flotation device.  I’ve got two days to come up with a practice regime.