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Rest of the 2010 SCP

May 15, 2010

Well I was 1 for 4 for round 2, putting me at 5-7, my worst year by far I believe.  I seem to be the kiss of death for the Eastern Conference teams I pick.  This will likely be my last post concerning these playoffs since I probably won’t be watching much anymore.  Best I can hope for is 8-7, which seems unlikely.

Sharks over Hawks

Canadians over Flyers

Sharks over Canadians in the Finals.


2010 Stanley Cup Conference Semi Finals (Round 2)

April 28, 2010

Crikey!  I got every pick wrong in the East and every pick correct in the West.  At 4-4, I won’t be breaking any records this year.  I guess it shows where I pay the most attention.  🙂  As always, those predictions of how long the series will go have no bearing in my record.  They are there merely to show you how full of crap I am.  🙂

#8 Montreal vs. #5 Pittsburgh
Well, it looks like we’re gonna have to meet the Pens in the Finals again.  That was the condition if they were to be allowed out of the first round.  The Habs better celebrate their amazing series with the Caps now, their future looks bleak.  Pens in 6.

#7 Philadelphia vs. #6 Boston
Dagnabit!  I hates Pronger!  He is still on the Flyers, right?  I’m gonna root for an Original 6 in this one.  Bruins in 7.

#3 Vancouver vs. #2 Chicago
A former Wing leading Vancouver.  A former Wing actually scoring in the playoffs for Chicago.  This should be a good series.  I’m thinking Hawks in 7.

#5 Detroit vs. #1 San Jose
This is gonna be a tough one.  It’s a tough road to the Finals.  San Jose finally exorcised some demons in getting out of the first round, but not without a scare.  Hopefully we’ll be able to renew their heartbreak by keeping them out of the conference finals.  We had a hard fought series against them back in ’07, which helped lead to the Ducks taking us out the series after that.  If the Wings play like they did in Game 7 at Pheonix, they can beat anybody on any night.  Little boy Red Wing hockey light is shining bright.  Wings in 6.

Hey what a nice change.  A 9pm start last night.  Tomorrow nights game starts at 9 and Sunday’s game starts at 8.  Probably all has to do with other things going on, but I like to think that my incessant whining had something to do with it.  🙂  A rested FloydWing is a happy FloydWing.  🙂

2010 Stanley Cup Round 1

April 13, 2010

After a disappointing end to last years Finals, the Wings enter these playoffs with a different view than other years.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the Wings start Round 1 on the road since I started watching back in ’93(?).  An injury plagued year and a run from an out of the playoffs position were bookends on a very up and down season.  But they still reached 100 points.  The power play and penalty kill are much improved over last season and they enter as the hottest team since the Olympic break.

As the years have gone by, these picks have gotten more and more difficult.  The salary cap has forced the skill gap to close and it doesn’t seem like there’s any sure picks anymore.  As always, I throw out a disclaimer about my Eastern Conference picks as I pay little attention to suck unimportant things.  🙂


#1 Washington Capitals vs. #8 Montreal Canadiens
The Caps put up a lot of points during the regular season.  Plus they have Ovechkin and probably should’ve have gone to the Finals last year.  I can’t even think of anybody who plays for Montreal.  Caps in 5.

#2 New Jersey Devils vs. #7 Philadelphia Flyers
It’s hard to go against Brodeur.  It’s easy to hate Pronger.  So I’ll continue with those thoughts.  Devils in 6.

#3 Buffalo Sabres vs. #6 Boston Bruins
Ryan Miller was amazing during the Olympics.  No reason he won’t elevate his game for the playoffs.  Sabres in 6

#4 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. #5 Ottawa Senators
Ottawa comes in hot and the Pens have been mediocre of late.  I don’t think I’ve heard their one Russian dude’s name all season.  Nothing will make me happier than for this one to come true   Sens in 7.  Of course, if you could guarantee me a Finals rematch, I’d take it.


#1 San Jose Sharks vs. #8 Colorado Avalanche
All you’re going to hear how the Sharks turn into guppies come playoff time.  They’re still a good team.  The Avs are a young overachieving team that have been sinking like lead since around the 3/4 mark.  They’re lucky the season wasn’t 10 games longer.  Sharks in 5

#2 Chicago Blackhawks vs. #7 Nashville Predators
The Preds aren’t good enough to upset the Hawks.  Besides the Blackhawks are slated for a Conference Final rematch with the Wings.  Chicago in 5

#3 Vancouver Canucks vs. #6 Los Angeles Kings
This is the matchup I have the least feel for.  Vancouver has their own playoff demons that you’ll hear.  LA is a young team.  This could be the upset series.  It will go 7 and Vancouver will take it.

#4 Phoenix Coyotes vs. #5 Detroit Red Wings
I was informed today that a playoff omen from previous years happened today.  My little Red Wing player night lite bulb burnt out today.  This happened before last years playoffs and was never replaced and we see what happened.  I think it happened the year before in the Finals but we replaced it and things turned out well.  Perhaps one good thing is it foretells a visit to the Finals.  I’ve requested that a bulb is found tomorrow and replaced before 10pm.

What the heck?  Isn’t Pheonix mountain time?  Can’t we have 8 or 9pm starts?  Yes, you’ll hear me whining about the late starts all the playoffs.  It’s what I do.  I just can’t believe the GMs of the Wings, Preds, Blackhawks, and Blue Jackets haven’t tried to get some concession for all the travel they have to do to get earlier start times when playing out west.

I’m neither committed to the optimistic or pessimistic camp for this year’s playoff run.  It should be interesting.  If Howard can continue his amazing play and not suffer any rookie jitters, we should be in every game.  It would be nice for once for us to have the hot, stand on his head, rookie goaltender that causes our opponents to die in frustration.

Wings in 6

Go Time!

September 17, 2009

Headed to The Joe tomorrow.  YES!

Never forget Vlad the Impaler

July 8, 2009

A real touching article.  Somewhere around here, I’ve got a tape of his last game.

Wednesdays are for whining

July 3, 2009

Wednesday was a real good day for the most part.  I was on vacation for one, that’s always a plus.  I grilled, that always makes me happy.  We got an early start and went to the Botanical Gardens.  I’m not a sissy boy but walking around in a peaceful setting is pretty relaxing.  I’m looking forward to going back and sitting for a while reading or having a picnic.  I felt somewhat guilty.  The wifal-unit loves the flowers.  Her gardens at the old house were a site to see.  While she loved looking, I could tell it made her miss hers.  At the current place, we don’t have anything to compare to what she did at the old house.  As far as, beginning it up here, that takes some mula and we need to figure out where the sprinkler system runs before digging up anything.  So for the time being, that’s on hold.

The gardens are right nearby my old stomping grounds, Mind Games.  While over that way, I decided to stop by and take my normal browse.  I had last made a stop soon after we moved last year.  As I pulled into the little mini-shop building’s parking lot, I could tell something was wrong.  As I parked in front, my suspicions were confirmed.  Mind Games is no more.  The sign was gone, nothing but empty shelves pushed here and there were visible inside.  My mind struggled to put it all together.  Wishfulness had me thinking maybe they moved again.  After getting home, an internet search didn’t pull up much.  A link to Google maps made it seem like Mind Games now resided at someone’s residence in a Toledo subdivision.  The streetview didn’t make me agree with that.  I finally came across one tiny link that had someone posting in January that they were closing and having a big sale.  Then came the responses of people saying how that had been their store in the past and how they stopped whenever they were in town.

I guess I should be happy they lasted as long as they did.  I have a lot of good memories about that store.  The first time I ever went there was with my good bud Bill, when they were a much tinier store up farther on Reynolds Road.  In college I went there many an evening with Rich to browse what they had.  That’s where I bought my now silent Advanced Squad Leader rulebook.  They will be missed.

After finding out about that on the internet, I remembered it was the start of the NHL free agent market.  Looking through things, I saw what I had feared.  Hossa was no longer a Wing.  I had figured they wouldn’t be able able to resign him, but I hoped that maybe he had developed just a hint of loyalty to the Winged Wheel.  But nope, he moved on.  Money-wise, he’s not getting that much more than what I heard the Wings were offering, a little over a million a year more.  So that surprises me a little.  What really sucks is he went to the Blackhawks.  A team in our own division.

It was a joy to watch him during the regular season over this past season.  I’ve got no ill feelings toward him.  It will be tough watching him play against the Wings.  All I have to say is that I hope he has as much playoff success as he did for the Wings during the past playoffs.  And that the Wings eliminate the Hawks every season he plays.  🙂

Somewhere, someone thinks the Wings won

June 24, 2009

Inevitably, championship t-shirts have to be produced for both teams when things come down to the wire, such as the Stanley Cup Finals this season.  Ever wonder what happens to those shirts made for the team that lost.  Now you know.

Wish I had one.  I’d wear it out in public.  It would really screw with people’s minds.

Thanks Cheli!

June 23, 2009

This news will make nephew #2 happy.  He’s had a thing against good old Chelios for years now.  It really burned him during last season’s playoffs that Cheli score a goal or two and had a solid run.  But it is time.  And I agree with the poster that he’ll probably end up back in Chicago.

I still remember in 1999 when the Wings picked up him and Wendell Clark at the trade deadline.  I had such a smile on my face.  I thought we’d three-peat for sure.  I can’t remember what happened that derailed us.

Wings closing remarks

June 21, 2009

It’s hard to be dissappointed in a team that gets within one game of their second straight Stanley Cup.  It’s a bummer, but it was quite a season.  I congratulated my Pittsburgh buddy immediately after game 7 was over and then went on self prescribed hockey exile for like 3-4 days.  After ending that, I checked out what was being said in the blogs.  And I’ve found that quite a lot of people are just idiots.

Osgood would have been the MVP had the Wings won.  So I find these Ozzie haters so far removed from reality that maybe they need to root for another team.  I honestly believe we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did without him.  Most of the playoff games started with the Wings so sluggish that without him holding the fort, the game would’ve been out of reach in the first 10 minutes.

Then there’s the Hossa bashers.  Yeah, he dissappeared in the playoffs.  But I really take that as fluke rather than the norm.  He was a joy to watch this season and I hope they can resign him.

During the Anaheim Lame Ducks series, I had the thought that this was really the Finals.  I still believe that, but it turned out the Wings had too much taken out of them to continue all the way.

It’s depressing that the last 4 goals scored by the Penguins were the direct result of Detroit mistakes.  Stuart had his two worst games since I’ve seen him in a Detroit uniform.  (I’m not bashing, I like Stuart and still think he’s a heck of a player.)  We could’ve won both of the last two games 1-0 if the mantra would’ve been “safety first”.

This lost opportunity would be harder to get over if I didn’t know a Pens fan pretty well.  While I can’t really stand Crosby or Malkin, I could see the Penguins took advantage of the opportunities they were given.  I don’t think they outplayed Detroit, without the powerplay help the series would’ve been over in 4, I just think the Wings were out of gas and had trouble playing a dedicated 60 minutes.

So I finish these playoffs at 10-5.  The coming season should be interesting.  The young guys can’t be kept in the minors anymore, so there’s going to have to be some people let go.  I wouldn’t be surprised if 2-3 of the following are not resigned or released on waivers:Hudler, Samuelsson, Maltby, Draper.  I’d miss them all, but Helm, Eriksson, and Leino are ready.  I think Abdelkader could use one more season at Grand Rapids.

Last minute switch pick

May 30, 2009

I’ve been mulling over this for the past day, in my sickness induced slumber.  Yeah, I’ve been sick for the past 3-4 days.  Had to miss our soccer game today, was bummed.  I have been pretty healthy for the past year though.  Anyway, got sidetracked.

I’m changing my number of games prediction.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and pick Detroit in 5 games.  I’m taking craziness here, I know, but everybody and their brother are going with the 7 game pick.  In my experience, when all the experts are agreeing on something, things turn out very differently.  So all you here is the hype of Crosby and Malkin (and if you tap into the undercurrents, you’ll see how much the NHL wants the Penguins to win so they can crown Crosby the savior), but I’m thinking the Wings are going to shock them even more than last year.