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March 6, 2010

This game is a little bit addicting.



Games By Email

November 4, 2009

I’ve been enjoying the online email gaming at GamesByEmail.  It started with playing a Risk clone (Gambit).  I’m a bit worn out on the whole RIsk front and have cut my regular game back to a 5 player free for all.

We’re now into Axis & Allies (WW2 on the site) and have been enjoying that.  It’s much easier playing this at the email pace rather than setting up the pieces and playing it live.  I’ve probably already played more games of it online than I ever played live.  The last live one being at an early Pit BBQ.  I wish you could add some more variety to it, as I’m starting to find my moves being somewhat scripted by the nationality I’m playing.  Not much room for creativity here if you don’t want your allies yelling at you.  They really need a Civ type game that would take a while to play.

We’ve just moved into History of the World (Empires on the site).  It’s a through the ages type game where you use your civilization each epoch to score as many points as possible.  It’s a bit different, but gives us a longer struggle.  Not much in the Civ vein.  The civilization you play dies out after each of your turns.

I’d love to play their Diplomacy clone, but I don’t see how well that would work in an online arena.  The live game has a 5 minute period before each turn where the players attempt to sway each other to support their attacks.  I don’t think emails and posts would really achieve the same thing.

A coworker and I started a game of chess on the site.  I used to really get into chess when I was young, though most of the games I played were on a handheld electronic game.  I’m going to get creamed because I don’t have the slightest clue about strategy in chess.


June 29, 2009

A while back I through out the challenge as to what one of the few computer games I actually played all the way through other than Eye of the Beholder and the original Dooms (I might have forgotten to mention that one.)  I think there may even have been more upon reflection, Leisure Suit Larry maybe.  Anyway, the game in question was Bedlam on the Color Computer 3.

Bedlam was of the old text based puzzle variety where you woke up in an insane asylum and had to figure out why and how to get out.  Thinking back, it probably was good practice.  I’m sure the men in white coats aren’t far behind.


September 28, 2008

My den is coming together.  I got through a bunch of boxes this weekend.  I believe I have pretty much my entire game collection unboxed and stored in a bookcase and some stacked in the closet.  My other bookcase is empty except for a few items.  At the old house I had them both filled and still didn’t have enough room.  This time I have some other smaller bookcases that I’ve been putting my books in, so the game shelves are games only.  Except for a tall book that didn’t fit in the others, and part of a shelf that I have my Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull cd’s on.  If I ever look into how I post pictures in this thing, I’ll post a pic.

Did some browsing at the MMP site today.  I’m getting interested in Stalingrad Pocket 2.  I love The Gamer’s (even though I only own one of their games) and like the SCS system.  I’m still up in the air on whether to take the OCS plunge.  One thing I wondered about was MMP’s special issue of Operations magazine.  In it they have variant counters and a scenario for Fallschirmjaeger, but looking into that title I find they have no plans to reprint it.  I guess I wonder “why bother” for something that hasn’t been in print for a while and isn’t going to be reprinted.  Put that stuff out for free, not in a $40 magazine.  The Dean Essig interview, Mighty Endeavor article, and Iwo Jima game looked interesting, but I’m going to pass.

I sure would love to get my wireless router set up but I haven’t come across the manual yet.  I need to make sure it’s secure before hooking it into my network.  There’s 3-4 wireless networks that I’ve discovered in my immediate area, some not secure.  I didn’t go exploring but I want to make sure no one can peek on me.  I was a bad boy at the old house as far as my wireless security, but I don’t want to continue that trend.  I may just need to look for the manual online.  It will be nice to be able to sit on the couch downstairs and do online stuff.

Storm Over Stalingrad (live) box opening

September 13, 2008

Thought I’d do a live walk through as I opened up Storm Over Stalingrad and give my thoughts as I did.  I’ve never had any problems with damage or bad packaging being used by MMP.  This time was no exception.

First thing I see after removing the packing materials is a little card about twice the size of a deck of cards.  It’s a little Pocket Battle Game from Against the Odds magazine.  Showtime Hanoi is it’s name and it looks like it’s fighter combat between a variety of Mig’s and some F4’s and an A4.  Cool idea to promote the magazine.  Doesn’t thrill me too much with as small a print as the rules on back are.  Playing this would involve some prep work on my part (cutting counters, photocopying the rules so you don’t need to flip the board over while playing).  Don’e know if I’ll ever play it, but it’s a neat idea.  I’ll have to check out the magazine, but I don’t know what the quality on magazine games would be.

Next thing is a nice little slip of paper giving me an errata item.  Very nice that they do that.  An MMP August 2008 catalog sheet.  Do people actually order off sheets of paper anymore?  I had no idea Red Start Rising was so expensive.  Final thing before getting to the game box is my paid invoice.

Before tearing off the shrink wrap, I look over the box.  The cover is a picture of young school girls in a “ring around the rosie” type pose.  I’m sure you’ve all seen this clip before.  They’re statues with an alligator in the middle.  In the background are burned out buildings with a smoke filled sky.  I used to know more about this but the age is sapping in.  I’ll have to do some research unless someone can give me some background on it.

The back of the box gives some background narrative along with the standardesque Avalon Hill game specs.  Always reminds me of reading all the boxes back in my youth at the game store in Findlay.  Oh, to have all those games.

In the box:

Deck of playing cards.  A variety of event cards for both sides.  Pictures to get you in the feel.

Two red dice.  It wouldn’t feel like a wargame to me without those.

A small green sheet of paper telling me what should be in the box.

Rulebook.  Nice and small 8 page color rulebook.  Looks like some nice illustrations and examples of play in there.  I’ll give a formal review on the system rules in the future.

Right side map sheet.  Gone are the days of the cardboard map.  Current gamers know this.  That comment is more for those of us who were in the hobby back when Tactics 2 was around but not since.  🙂  If they’ve even read this far.

Countersheet.  Looks like the units will use the standard attack/defense/movement type of numbers.  Looks like the attack numbers are pretty small.  So a massing attack or some assistance from the event cards looks like it will be in order to pry pesky defenders from their areas.

Left map sheet.  The map looks okay.  Standard color poster stock.  Being an area movement game, there are a variety of areas depicting burnt out city areas and countryside. It’s normally 3 areas (a few of 4) deep from the Volga River to the other side of the city.  One thing that I find odd is that you need to overlap the two maps a good two inches for things to line up.  I don’t know if this is what MMP intended or if this is standard for recent games but this is the first one I’ve gotten that was like that.

That’s all for now.