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My kind of relationship

July 25, 2010



Pot Cop

September 29, 2009

We don’t just have your regular run of the mill cops up here north of the border.  We’ve got talking dead cops.

Your tech support cheat sheet

August 27, 2009

Print this out!  Hilarious and so true.

Or like we do at work, “Try it now.”  Usually because we’ve been mucking around with things and you tried to perform the action we’re messing with at just the right moment.

Never mind the man behind the curtain.

Why can't Windows figure out how to manipulate files better?

July 24, 2009

Funny and so true.  It usually takes two minutes for the stupid delete dialog to be done on my work laptop.

Walker, Bad Acting

March 25, 2009

Thanks to an old friend for sticking that title in my head long ago.

I’ll have many an hour filled now browsing through the Chuck Norris Fact site.

Just from a quick perusal I’ve found two that jump out at me:

  • Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because he only recognizes the element of surprise.
  • When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

Wargamers have nightmares too

February 9, 2009

Here‘s a nightmare that only a wargamer could appreciate.

Vista jabs

January 9, 2009

Just to come clean, I’ve had very little experience with Windows Vista.  So don’t use this commentary to decide whether you want to upgrade or buy it new.  I’m sure there’s people who love it and know how to use it.  I think I’ve encountered it twice visiting the in-laws while trying to help the mother-in-law figure something out.  This was the home version, I believe.  Like all Microsoft programs, they run a scrambler on their newest version so that you can’t find anything where you knew it was in the previous version.

From the little exposure I had, it seemed like they’ve really upped the hand holding.  I tried to delete a file and I think I had to go through no less than three confirmation boxes.  Also, this Windows defender thing is constantly popping up and alarming me of spyware and all kinds of scary things.  I really think a non-computer savvy person must feel utterly paralyzed about what to do.  I let it remove said file and what I was trying to install for the mother-in-law stopped working.  So I reinstalled and ignored the thing.  I know this was supposed to be their renewed commitment to security but I was annoyed after about 5 minutes.

I’ve probably not given it enough of a chance, but no thanks.  I’m keeping my desktop and laptop on XP.

Here’s a little related humor.

Uncle Jay edumacates us on 2008

January 5, 2009

I got sent this link by a good friend and professional mentor.  It’s hilarious and catchy.

Uncle Jay explains 2008 – I may need to start watching this guy to get things explained to me.

The Beast in the Corner

September 5, 2008

The den is finally starting to come together.  I’ve got my former basement dweller PC finally set up.  It’s probably my newest (maybe 2004 vintage?).  The laptop could be around that age or newer also, not sure.  This PC is where Juice runs which downloads all the podcasts I subscribe to.  It hasn’t been able to reload since I shut it down at the end of July.  Needless to say when I turned it on the other day and let it update I found that I am now 148 podcasts behind.  Ouch!  That’s going to take a while.  That’s okay though, I’ve got a ton of work around here where I can start a ‘cast and just go to town.  Don’t have that long drive anymore which used to chew through them, but I’m not complaining.  🙂

Add in the 1000+ blog posts that Google Reader tells me that I’m behind on and I could disappear for a quite a while and not catch up.  For the past month, I’ve pretty much just been keeping up with friends and a precious few blogs that I really enjoy.

I’ve got to pass this video on.  I got it from Lair of the Evil DM where I find most of the humorous things that I feel the need to pass on to my readership.  It’s a bit irreverent to one of the awesomest movies of our time, but I think you’ll find it hillarious.  So without further ado, I pass on to you Brokeback Barbarians.   I also absolutely love this inspirational poster.  So true, so true.

Finally I leave you tonight with a Pit update that those few of you who care have probably figured out by now.  Pit season 8 is currently being delayed indefinitely.  The all powerful Overlord has a “honey do”  list of political executions to oversee longer than ever.  (Not to mention that the entire codebase and data files are on a pocket drive somewhere yet to be unboxed.)  Once he gets those out of the way, he’ll have to either find a copy of VS2005 or revert the code somehow to VS2003.  It could be a while.

Fear of Girls – The Sequel

December 4, 2007

Not as good as the original, but still a rewarding find.
Warning: Contains girl gamers.