I refer to Pit occasionally in my posts. If you’re actually reading my blog and don’t know what that is, I’ll attempt to describe it here.

Pit is a very simple fight game that I created as a way to stay in touch with my friends as we grew up and grew apart. I think it was originally started in the year 2000 time frame. But the original idea goes back much farther than that and had more of a space wargame concept.

The main Pit portal can be found here and is where the players find out what happened each round and over the course of the season. Most of the development and upkeep was done over the first 4 years of the game. It’s written in C++ and runs with a console interface where I enter in the orders from each player each round. Every now and then I get the players hopes up that I’ll add more or improve aspects of the game, but then my laziness kicks back in and it goes nowhere. I do feel that it has served it’s main purpose, but over the years we’ve lost players to real life.


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