FloydWing Beer Rating Scale

This is the original FloydWing beer rating scale as announced in this post.  Comments on that post also suggested ranking the songs on those albums from worst to best to have a more concise scale.  It’s a great idea but hasn’t been implemented as of yet.

  • Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking – Are we sure this is even beer?  Any run of the mill domestic big brewery crap would probably be better.
  • On An Island –  Yeah, it’s beer.  You like it.  It’s better than the mass produced stuff.  You’ll visit it every once in a while or in a pinch, but you’d rather try something new or better.
  • The Dark Side of the Moon – Yumm!  Oh yeah.  This is the standard by which all beer should be judged.  This is what you want in your fridge at all times.  This is what you’ll reach for in the store when you don’t want to take a chance on something new at the moment.
  • Meddle or Animals – WOW!  Every now and then something special comes along that blows you away.  This is a hidden gem.  It brings something special that you just love.  You’d buy it all the time if you could, but that may take something away from it.

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