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Multi-national T34 pulled from mud of lake

May 2, 2010

Check this story out.  Pretty cool.



October 27, 2009

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Link it for now

October 17, 2009

The actual FloydWing blog can be found here.  Someday I’ll get around to moving it.

Working on it

July 16, 2009

Deciding on where to go from here.

Wings closing remarks

June 21, 2009

It’s hard to be dissappointed in a team that gets within one game of their second straight Stanley Cup.  It’s a bummer, but it was quite a season.  I congratulated my Pittsburgh buddy immediately after game 7 was over and then went on self prescribed hockey exile for like 3-4 days.  After ending that, I checked out what was being said in the blogs.  And I’ve found that quite a lot of people are just idiots.

Osgood would have been the MVP had the Wings won.  So I find these Ozzie haters so far removed from reality that maybe they need to root for another team.  I honestly believe we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did without him.  Most of the playoff games started with the Wings so sluggish that without him holding the fort, the game would’ve been out of reach in the first 10 minutes.

Then there’s the Hossa bashers.  Yeah, he dissappeared in the playoffs.  But I really take that as fluke rather than the norm.  He was a joy to watch this season and I hope they can resign him.

During the Anaheim Lame Ducks series, I had the thought that this was really the Finals.  I still believe that, but it turned out the Wings had too much taken out of them to continue all the way.

It’s depressing that the last 4 goals scored by the Penguins were the direct result of Detroit mistakes.  Stuart had his two worst games since I’ve seen him in a Detroit uniform.  (I’m not bashing, I like Stuart and still think he’s a heck of a player.)  We could’ve won both of the last two games 1-0 if the mantra would’ve been “safety first”.

This lost opportunity would be harder to get over if I didn’t know a Pens fan pretty well.  While I can’t really stand Crosby or Malkin, I could see the Penguins took advantage of the opportunities they were given.  I don’t think they outplayed Detroit, without the powerplay help the series would’ve been over in 4, I just think the Wings were out of gas and had trouble playing a dedicated 60 minutes.

So I finish these playoffs at 10-5.  The coming season should be interesting.  The young guys can’t be kept in the minors anymore, so there’s going to have to be some people let go.  I wouldn’t be surprised if 2-3 of the following are not resigned or released on waivers:Hudler, Samuelsson, Maltby, Draper.  I’d miss them all, but Helm, Eriksson, and Leino are ready.  I think Abdelkader could use one more season at Grand Rapids.

Home Warranty

February 19, 2009

Big, big tip for when you’re buying a home.  Require a home warranty from the sellers.  With our luck the way it is, so far it’s saved us a lot.  Since moving in, the built in microwave died.  We had to pay $60 for a service call to diagnose the problem, but the warranty covered a brand new microwave of comparable features and installation.

Recently the washer and dryer started having problems.  The dryer occasionally just stops even if not at the end of the cycle (a real pain to find wet clothes when they should be dry) and the washer drum won’t turn.  Again, $60 service call and the rest is free.  Waiting for some parts to come in for that to be resolved.

Tonight, a crack appears above the girlywogs’ shower.  A trip up into the attic finds drops coming off what I think is furnace exhaust, dripping right on a seam in the bathroom sealing.  I’ve got a tub across the joists to stop that.  Hopefully the warranty will cover this.  Most likely some patching needs done around the roof vent.  Looking over the documentation, I haven’t found one way or the other, so hopefully I’ll find out tomorrow early enough so that if I need to call somebody else I can.

It just figures that this happens so close to the weekend.  And that it happens to us.  Even in a 13 year old house, our luck is bad as normal.

Anti-Inspiring People

January 20, 2009

Look at the fool you have been 
They drained the pool while you drowned in the dream 
They bought your beauty and your soul 
Then softly sold you back what they stole 

So look into the mirror do you recognise someone 
Is it who you always hoped you would become 
When you were young 

Del Amitri – When You Were Young

I’m not going to bore you with the whole “I’m so inspired” and “What a historic day” stuff, though I believe both of those things.  I’m sure that’s what you’ve been reading all over the web.

All I’ve got to say is let’s all give the guy a chance.  I saw a poll last night that said something like 88% of those who didn’t vote for Obama support him.  I find that real hard to believe, unless somehow I’m unlucky enough to hear the other 12% spewing their garbage out within my earshot.  I’m really getting annoyed with it.  I don’t think it matters what Obama says, they’ll flippantly disregard it.  I’m positive he could say the exact opposite next week and they’d disagree with it.

My theory on that poll is that it’s diluted because a lot of the people are trying to hide a hint or more of racism in their soul.  As for the 12% that have been surrounding me of late, they are either die-hard Republicans who can’t see past the party line,  or shouldn’t play sports because they’re poor sports.

He won a fair election, get over it and give him a fair shake.


January 1, 2009

I don’t know what the status of the auto bailout is at the moment but this makes sense.  But that’s a lot of jobs too.  I think they should spend the bailout money on the unemployed after the big three collapse.  I believe that if they do give the big three a bailout, that six months afterward they’ll be back needing more.  Only this time they can say, look how much you’ve already invested in us, and then the government will feel like they have to keep feeding cash into it to make it a success?

Mavericks: The Blathering

October 24, 2008

I ran across this little parody in one of the blogs I happened upon.  For those of you who remember or still play Magic: The Gathering, this is pretty funny.  I can see an actual game like this (without the actual current election combatants in it) being made.  Maybe in the Munchkin line of games.

 Mavericks: The Blathering

Magic gave me some good times but I don’t regret unloading them when I did.  The “pay to be competative” just lost it’s appeal.  My funnest time playing the game still has to be the first night.  I stopped at Mind Games on the way home from college and picked up 3 starter decks and then Bill, Rich, and myself randomly picked one and played all night.  We played wrong that first night, only allowing one non-instant spell to be cast on your turn, but it was still a whole lot of fun.  Didn’t hurt that I won every game also.  🙂  Then after a night of no sleep, I went and played in softball tournament that day.  Funny how these memories pop back up.

I hate the Avalanche rant

April 24, 2008

This sums it up pretty completely…