Android Apps

Android Apps found in the Android Marketplace.

ASL Tools
This is for use with the Advanced Squad Leader tactical war game.  Currently it only supports the Infantry Fire Table (IFT & IIFT), but if there’s enough interest I can add more to it.  This is a great way for me to get back into the game and further my own understanding of the game mechanics.

CodeMash Schedule

(Work as ceased on this since the first release, but it still supports the CodeMash RSS feed.)
My first attempt at an Android application.  Just a simple little way to view the schedule to the CodeMash conference.  I rushed to get it released before the 2010 conference, but it’s still usable.  I plan on continuing to improve it and as long as they keep publishing each year’s schedule via a REST interface, it should continue to work.

Please contact me with any issues.

Requested Enhancements:

  • Preference for displaying time as AM/PM or 24hr.
  • Ability to mark a session that your interested in, like a favorite.
  • Maybe condense down to times that open up to show sessions at that time.
  • Have a My CodeMash tab to display the marked sessions.
  • Display map.  Love the CodeMash apps that show the map.
  • Make sexier.

4 Responses to “Android Apps”

  1. Chris Shockey Says:

    Any more updates for ASL Tools? Ordinance tables would be great! Fantastic app”

    • floydwing Says:

      Hey Chris, Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t had a chance to plan anything new for ASL Tools, though maybe I should since your the second person to contact me about it recently. I’d like to get another app I’m working on released first, but I’ve been sidetracked from that for a while.

      I haven’t done ordinance rules for ages and actually haven’t played ASL for nearly a year. Feel free to email me any ideas you have on how you’d like to see an ordnance helper work within the app.

  2. Kim Says:

    Hey there, i was about to dwl and try you ASL app, when i saw that it wanted access to my pictures, my position and my contact register… Why is that ?

    • floydwing Says:

      I believe the only permission I added beyond the defaults was the rough location for use in analytics. I haven’t done anything with the app in 4 years so anything else may just be Android defaults changing, I can’t say.

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