2010 Stanley Cup Conference Semi Finals (Round 2)

Crikey!  I got every pick wrong in the East and every pick correct in the West.  At 4-4, I won’t be breaking any records this year.  I guess it shows where I pay the most attention.  🙂  As always, those predictions of how long the series will go have no bearing in my record.  They are there merely to show you how full of crap I am.  🙂

#8 Montreal vs. #5 Pittsburgh
Well, it looks like we’re gonna have to meet the Pens in the Finals again.  That was the condition if they were to be allowed out of the first round.  The Habs better celebrate their amazing series with the Caps now, their future looks bleak.  Pens in 6.

#7 Philadelphia vs. #6 Boston
Dagnabit!  I hates Pronger!  He is still on the Flyers, right?  I’m gonna root for an Original 6 in this one.  Bruins in 7.

#3 Vancouver vs. #2 Chicago
A former Wing leading Vancouver.  A former Wing actually scoring in the playoffs for Chicago.  This should be a good series.  I’m thinking Hawks in 7.

#5 Detroit vs. #1 San Jose
This is gonna be a tough one.  It’s a tough road to the Finals.  San Jose finally exorcised some demons in getting out of the first round, but not without a scare.  Hopefully we’ll be able to renew their heartbreak by keeping them out of the conference finals.  We had a hard fought series against them back in ’07, which helped lead to the Ducks taking us out the series after that.  If the Wings play like they did in Game 7 at Pheonix, they can beat anybody on any night.  Little boy Red Wing hockey light is shining bright.  Wings in 6.

Hey what a nice change.  A 9pm start last night.  Tomorrow nights game starts at 9 and Sunday’s game starts at 8.  Probably all has to do with other things going on, but I like to think that my incessant whining had something to do with it.  🙂  A rested FloydWing is a happy FloydWing.  🙂



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