The beast that made me forget my MacBook

Maybe I’ve talked about my current work laptop before, maybe not.  I don’t think so.

I posted how much I was going miss my MacBook Pro way back then.  Well, the laptop I’ve had for the past months has made me forget about my MacBook Pro.  A day or two before Thanksgiving vacation, my Dell arrived.  I immediately stripped off the Win7 it came pre-installed with, put Ubuntu64 on it with Win7 running withing a Virtual Box.  Things have worked amazingly since then.  I went from 10 minute database bootstraps on my old WinXP machine to 50 seconds bootstraps on my Ubuntu machine.  The thing rocks!  I love being able to go to the command line when I want to.

So why did it enable me to forget about my MacBook Pro.  Well, it probably would’ve cost less to buy me a Mac.  8 gigabytes and a solid state hard drive have a way of causing deficiencies to disappear.  I loved the thing over these past months.  It will be another sad day come next Wednesday when I hand it over.  😦


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