CodeMash 2010

Only one more day of work before I head to CodeMash.  I can’t wait.  It was painful not being able to go last year.  The problem always is trying to fit in all the great sessions that I want to go to.  Plus, I plan to keep an eye on the Open Spaces topics for Android topics or other things that catch my eye.  So session wise, it’s going to be tough.

This year they are even having a game room and a coding jam room.  Add in that the evenings are usually filled with something (opening night panel, cocktail party) and I doubt I’ll make it to the water park area again.  Just too much to do.  This is such a great conference for the price.  I hope I can continue to go every year.



2 Responses to “CodeMash 2010”

  1. Sixftunda Says:

    Got time to see an old friend?

  2. FloydWing Says:

    I’ll make time. Looks like Thursday night would be the night. I may be involved in things until maybe 7:30-8:00. I’ll know more that day. Let’s keep in touch via email and I’ll call you sometime that day.

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