Oops, I did it again

That’s right.  Black Friday got me again.  I’d gone nearly the whole day until I happened upon a blog that mentioned the MMP Black Friday sale around 10:30 pm.  A sucker for MMP sales, I discovered that they were offering Valor of the Guards at a nice discount.  Now yes, I know I haven’t played Advanced Squad Leader since my youngest was born, but I just love the system.  I know I’ve forgotten more of the rules than I actually learned, but I just get all tingly thinking about the counters and kick-ass maps.  I know that I’ve never clipped any of my ASL counters, but that didn’t stop me from buying A Bridge to Far 3 years ago and Pegasus Bridge the year before that (most likely from one of their Black Friday sales).

I want to relearn the system and get back into playing.  I don’t know how active the community is anymore.  I used to follow the ASL mailing list which was always quite active, but I haven’t checked on its existence in quite some time.  I know this is a pipe dream for me to get back into the system, considering all my side projects I’ve been in and out of and those I haven’t even started.  But nephew #4 has shown interest in it in the past and I have resolved to introduce him to the system.

Valor of the Guards really struck a cord for me because I was always interested in Red Barricades but it was out of print by the time I got into things.  VotG has the same sort of rubble strewn map of Stalingrad, but there’s no giant multi hex factories with interior building hexes.  2 beautiful map sheets come in the box which make for a massive city battleground.  5(!) sheets of counters, special rules, campaign games, and a bunch of scenarios.  Looks like some nice infantry only scenarios in there, so that may make getting some counters on the map a little more likely, if I can wade back into the rules.

To address a glut of unclipped ASL counters, a plethora of other unclipped wargames, and to prevent any further shoddy clipping on my part, I have ordered the C4 Counter Cutter.  So, I may be able to do some accelerated clipping over my Christmas vacation.

Only 8 more days of work and I’m done for the year.  I’m really getting stoked about that.


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4 Responses to “Oops, I did it again”

  1. Code Monkey Says:

    I too have picked up Valor of the Guards, along with the latest release of Beyond Valor. I still haven’t gotten to play anything from either one, but did recently play an old Paratrooper scenario, just to try and get back into things a bit. Hard to get back into the system when my new love is such a hottie (OCS). 🙂

    The C4 is pretty darned cool. I would take the manufacturer’s recommendation to use the #18 Heavy Chisel blade for clipping purposes, and don’t be afraid to change the blades often. Depending on game I can cut anywhere from 6 to 10 at a time (8 seems to work best with the white core MMP stuff).

    Have fun!

  2. FloydWing Says:

    Are you off the week after Christmas? Maybe we should get together for some gaming one of those days.

  3. Code Monkey Says:

    I’ll be off that week. What days will you be in town?

  4. FloydWing Says:

    I could probably be in town any of those days. I’d probably prefer earlier in the week, maybe Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Send me an email and we’ll figure something out.

    Strange, I don’t get emailed when someone comments.

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