Moving shop

So it would seem that Shindo and I are the only ones who have noticed that is back.  The move was successful, if slightly delayed because of my oversight.  Stupid me didn’t realize that I needed to adjust the DNS servers for the site.  I assumed that having the site moved from one host to another would have that stuff updated.  Luckily, my new host has been very patient with and also a ton of help.  Thanks Dave!

Having root access is pretty cool and makes it a whole lot easier than using file managers.  Best of all, I can SSH in from the command line of my new work laptop.

I now have source control on more than just my local machine.  I’ve uploaded one of the projects I’ve been toying around with.  At some point I need to upload Pit.  Unfortunately my early attempts to convert my Visual Studio C++ project into a usable Eclipse CDT or Mono project hasn’t found must success.  I’ve been out of the C++ loop for a years, so I’m having a heck of time figuring out why these things are throwing strange errors.  Somewhere along the way, either in a past VS upgrade or my own insanity, I ended up with includes that weren’t the same case as the actual files (VS must have allowed that) and a very inconsistent file naming convention.  I’m a bit clueless how this came to be.  I know my coding was somewhat abysmal back then (maybe now?) but some of these things I just couldn’t see me doing.  VS seems to have been a bit too lax in what it allowed or how it upgraded.

So unless I can figure it out, I may be installing VS into my Win7 virtual machine.  YUCK!


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