Grosser than gross

In a Burger King bathroom just off exit 2 of the Ohio Turnpike, this event transpired while I was drying my hands:

A guy comes out of the poop stall with a big plastic pop cup from the joint.  He skips washing his hands and proceeds to rinse the cup out at the sink and then fills it up with water.  He puts the lid back on.  He then picks up the straw from “between the wall and the faucet” where he had placed it.  He begins sticking it into the cup when he realizes he’s got it the wrong way for some reason.  He takes it out, turns it end over end and sticks it back in.  He leaves.

I don’t know if the guy was planning on drinking it or had some other use for it, but the thought of drinking from a straw that was sitting on a Burger King sink is enough to make me gag.



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