Games By Email

I’ve been enjoying the online email gaming at GamesByEmail.  It started with playing a Risk clone (Gambit).  I’m a bit worn out on the whole RIsk front and have cut my regular game back to a 5 player free for all.

We’re now into Axis & Allies (WW2 on the site) and have been enjoying that.  It’s much easier playing this at the email pace rather than setting up the pieces and playing it live.  I’ve probably already played more games of it online than I ever played live.  The last live one being at an early Pit BBQ.  I wish you could add some more variety to it, as I’m starting to find my moves being somewhat scripted by the nationality I’m playing.  Not much room for creativity here if you don’t want your allies yelling at you.  They really need a Civ type game that would take a while to play.

We’ve just moved into History of the World (Empires on the site).  It’s a through the ages type game where you use your civilization each epoch to score as many points as possible.  It’s a bit different, but gives us a longer struggle.  Not much in the Civ vein.  The civilization you play dies out after each of your turns.

I’d love to play their Diplomacy clone, but I don’t see how well that would work in an online arena.  The live game has a 5 minute period before each turn where the players attempt to sway each other to support their attacks.  I don’t think emails and posts would really achieve the same thing.

A coworker and I started a game of chess on the site.  I used to really get into chess when I was young, though most of the games I played were on a handheld electronic game.  I’m going to get creamed because I don’t have the slightest clue about strategy in chess.



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