I signed up for FaceBook on my birthday last month.  It was more of a surprise for the wifal unit (who’s reference name I will officially be changing to “The Hottie”.  (Seems a little less offensive, not that she ever cared.  🙂 )

My fear of it becoming another time sync has not held up.  While it is something you can waste hours in, looking at friends pictures and such, I’ve found it’s at a very low priority in my internet browsing.  I avoid the games and all that crap.  We were virally infected a few weeks back but I spent a few days righting the ship and saving the computer, only to have the hard drive die a few days later.  Such is luck.

FaceBook is a marvel of social network programming.  I purposefully avoid adding any information to my profile at the beginning that I though could link others to me.  No high school, hometown, etc.  But I kid you not, within an hour I started getting friend requests from high school classmates.  My guess is it takes into account who your friends with, your age, and any range of other variables and displays you to those others as a possible match.

I had wanted to avoid the whole friending for the sake of friending sake.  Just because I stood beside someone in the urinal once, seems like no reason I should let them have a view of my life.  But I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t really care anymore.  If these people want to boost their numbers, so be it.  So I’m very close to just accepting the group that I’ve been ignoring since that first week.  I’m hardly paying attention the way it is.  Though this will probably eventually lead to everyone that I ever passed in hall.

I have made it more of an effort though, hiding the button that people can “friend” me with.  They’ll have to actually make an effort and send me a nice note.  So if you’re not already on FB, sign up and look me up.  You know you’ll go to the front of my queue.



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