PitCon '09: Success

After a two year hiatus, a Pit gathering was held.  Stablemasters of The Toolbox, Clan Bloodwode, and Knightblades (former,current, future?) made the trek up to the great white north.

While plans included playing Warrior Knights, it was shelved in the too involved bin.  This game has a lot of interesting and cool mechanics, but as a quick casual game, it’s not going to work.  Shindo, #4, and myself played this years ago, and while fun, you need to be dedicated to play it.  We didn’t want to spend the whole night refiguring and teaching one game.

We started off with Munchkin.  We were all familiar with it so it just required some quick lookups here and there.  ClanB got off to a fast start, getting up to level 6 and making a lot of enemies, before he was blasted back to the lowest level character (which was still 1) by a monster.  After playing this for over an hour with no one close, we agreed to lower the target level to 5 from 10.  I was able to kill two monsters in one combat to take the win.

On to Modern Art.  I really find enjoyment in this game.  The first two seasons saw the same three artists grab the same positions.  I didn’t seem to be having good paintings to coincide with them.  Season 3 mixed things up a little bit.  Going into season 4, I felt like I really needed to make a move if I was going to have a chance.  I was dead wrong.  I tried to artificially pump up an unknown artist, having purchased three of his paintings.  But my other dealers didn’t feel as strongly and the season ended before another painting of his could get out.  My painter lost the tie breaker and all three were worthless.  Final tally saw Clan Bloodwode win with $375,000.  Surprisingly, I finished second at $345,000.  If I would have not bought anything in that last season, I may have won.

Next up was Citadels.  Another fun game that we haven’t played much of.  I love the shifting roles and the assassin and thief really keep everyone on their toes.  Knightblades and I took a dislike to each other from the get go, with him stealing my starting money on the first round, and me assassinated him on the second.  From there it seemed like the poor merchant could never do anything, always being a target.  Clan Bloodwode started off with a lot of nice buildings, before I took the warlord and destroyed his big money university.  I ended up completing my 8th building and destroying another Clan building for good measure and finished with the most value for the win.

To finish up the night, we had a go at Betrayal at House on the Hill.  Our four brave characters explored much of the house for a while.  I seemed to be the only one having to draw omen cards.  The omens turned out to good things for me and I was able to successfully make the required roll to avoid the traitor event happening.  I had a dog and a girl following me, and had a few items that I could use in a pinch.  I kept getting sanity boosts and was nearly off the chart.  Clan Bloodwode started with the scientist and kept getting knowldge boosts.  Eventually I failed an omen roll, I think I had drawn like 5 and one other player 1.  The betrayal turned out to be the Dark Fiddler playing music in ballroom, beckoning us to come to him.  No one started out as the betrayor.  Every turn we had to make a sanity check.  If we failed we had to move by the shortest route and at max speed to the ballroom.  To win, I had to take some item to a certain room and then make me and anybody else there had to make a combined four successful checks against something.  I was able to get there on the same turn the betrayal happened, getting lucky to get through two rooms that required me to do some check to exit.

Things were going well at first.  We had one check down, and another of my compatriats had arrived.  But then Knightblades was compelled to the ballroom (losing a check and moving there), and then failed his check in the ballroom, which turned him into a traitor.

I made one more check, failed one, and my other team member made one.  Putting us at three successful checks and needing one more.  Unfortunately, all Knightblades had to do to win was end his turn in a certain room, which he was able to do.

In three playings, I believe that’s the first time the traitor won.  I almost find more enjoyment before the traitor is revealed, because then it’s more about exploring and such.  Once the betrayal happens it seems like its a quick ride to the end.  Not a whole lot of player interaction in this one, but I still find it fun.

I just want to thank everyone again for attending and I hope they had as good a time as I did.


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