How many dog years is an internet year?

The internet has passed me by.  All this social networking stuff is the norm now.  MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, etc.  I’m on LinkedIn, though I hardly get on it and it’s not like it’s ever done anything for me.  Being a computer dude, you’d think I’d be more into all this stuff.

Strange coincidences have transpired of late.  The wifal-unit signed up for Facebookat the urging of a friend.  She loves it.  Around a couple weeks after she signs up, I get 3-4 invites, er, excuse me, friend requests from Facebook.  The timing was odd, especially since a few of the people I hadn’t corresponded with in near two years.  They had my email address, but what made them to decide send me a request now.  I don’t think this has anything to do with the wifal-unit’s sign up, it’s just weird.

I’ve tried to avoid such things like the plague.  Though, for the most part, I got along with everybody back in high school, I really don’t feel the need to be Facebook friend with everybody I ever passed in a hall.  I wouldn’t really want these people to have access to the words of wisdom I’d decorate my “wall” with.  Or worse, what about all those people I owe money to.  But when they do invite me, hoping to pad their friend count, how can I really decline them.  Isn’t that somewhat rude?  Even if I just ignore them.  Maybe that would work, they’d just think I have a dead account?

I’ve talked to many other people who have exactly the same concerns I do in this regard.  Some even had better concerns.  What if a coworker sends a friend request?  Now they can see when you’re ticked off at them.  Or worse, your boss decides to get in on the action.  Now she knows about that wild party you were out late at last night.

If only Facebook allowed you to put your friends into buckets.  Not slop buckets, but nice food grade plastic ones.  Red ones!  And you could have one bucket for your “good” friends that could see everything you posted.  And another bucket for everyone else who could just see things that you’ve explicitly marked okay for your “normal” friends to see.  Maybe they already have something like this, but from the looks of it, no.

If only I could have Obi Wan Kenobi as my personal Facebook screener.  Those Jedi mind tricks would come in awful handy.  “This isn’t the FloydWing you’re looking for.”  And then no feelings get hurt.  At least that way, if I run into them after denying or ignoring someone’s request, they wouldn’t remember they made a request.

Maybe I’m over-analyzing this whole thing.  It’s just supposed to be for fun and linking up with people you’ve lost touch with, right?  It does look like some fun.  There is the time sync worry though.  Heaven knows, I don’t need something else to waste my time.  Taking the plunge though would be giving up a lot of the anonymity I currently have on the internet.  If there is anyone in the few who read this blog who don’t know me, I’ve not let on a whole lot as to who I am.

Someone suggested I just sign up as Floyd Wing and then those concerned with boosting their numbers couldn’t find me.  That could work, I’ve considered it, but some would still find me through others.  And then what if I decided I wanted to be a number booster.  I’d have to have a form letter invite as to why my name is Floyd Wing and yes I do know them, I’m not some deranged stalker.

You know, these social networking sites must be a big money generator for their creators.  I just need to create my own.  I’ve got a lot of experience, right?  After all, in Pit’s heyday, we had like 8 people communicating in the forum, right?  I think I’ll call it Stalkster.  That way, that annoying person from 9th grade who thought you’d be the perfect mate can find you online and learn everything about you.

So we’ll see what the future holds.  The wifal unit keeps saying I should sign up and it becomes more and more tempting as time goes by.

So if I do sign up, will you be my friend?  Just don’t expect to play those stupid farming games with you.  There’s no way I’m going to force myself to remember to pick my strawberries before I go to bed.



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