Thoughts of recent yesterdays

This week is seeing a variety of things arrive for me.  Yesterday, Beginning Google Web Toolkit arrived.   It’s a book on GWT which is one of the things I’ve been tinkering around with lately.  (Someday I’ll continue the what have I been programming lately posts.)  I got it for like $3 from one of Amazon’s partners.  This is very much a beginners book, there’s not much it offers me I haven’t already figured out.  I should have probably went for a more in depth book, but the price and the relative newness of it wouldn’t let me pass it up.  With GWT 1.7 release, things are moving toward a better event model handling approach, so nothing is new enough to address that yet, besides blogs and YouTube videos.

Monday, A Victory Denied arrived from MMP.  This is looking to be just as cool as A Victory Lost.  I’ve read through the section on combat so far.  So far, it’s very similiar to AVL rules-wise, but has enough differences to stay fresh.  Elite Russian units popping up in an attack should be enough to keep the German player holding their breath everytime the Russian rolls an attack.  The unit activation differs slightly from AVL also.  The activated HQ can activate other HQ’s within its command range which can then activate units.  Also the activation for Panzer Groups is a little different also.  I’ll try to do a “live” box opening sometime, though the contents are pretty close to what AVL had.  I’m looking forward to getting this on the table with #4 in the future.

Not exactly this week, but Thursday saw the arrival of a shiny new toy.  I eluded to this last week of something arriving to take up some space in our newly cleaned garage.  The story goes that our old Grand Caravan has slowly been degrading.  We were without air conditioning for going on 2 years now, not wanting to sink the money into it.  Then, it started flooding on the inside.  The van had been sitting outside for most of the spring and summer.  Over the last month, whenever I would drive it after it rained, I would be assaulted by water coming in from under the passenger side dash.

The final straw came when I went on a business trip and had to leave the van parked where we met.  When I came back, it seemed like near sink fulls of water were pouring in.  I had to pull over and open up the door.  I’m the first one to admit I can be somewhat dense, but this finally convinced me that with “cash for clunkers” going on, I’d be an idiot not to let the government help buy me a new car.  I sure wasn’t going to get that much trading it in on my own.

So we began our search.  We looked around the area.  I really wanted to buy an American car, especially after dealing with Taylor Kia.  But amazingly (just like when we ended up with the Rondo) there wasn’t any super good deals that knocked our socks off.  Then, the wifal-unit did some research into what cars were eligible.  One that was was a car that we had both always really liked but thought would be way too expensive.  She looked up the nearest dealer and found that the prices were at the same level as the other vehicles we were looking at.  So a little trip, a few test drives, a little bargaining, an amazing deal, and a whole lot of pain dealing with the Ohio BMV to get proof of my previous registration and we replaced our clunker.

Here it is:

Front view of our Clubman

Front view of our Clubman

Side View of our Clubman

Side View of our Clubman


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