Shelving Guadalara (for now) and AVL

After Nephew#4 and I finished our last game of A Victory Lost last January, we thought maybe we’d give Guadalajara a try.  (That’s a lot of a’s.)  I made a few attempts at the rulebook and thought things a bit convaluted.  After reading this, I think it’s safe to say I’m not investing the time in it.  There’s too many other games with less complexity that we can play during our next wargame bash.  Another go of AVL would be fine or I heard from MMP that A Victory Denied is shipping.  Very excited about that one!

I don’t think I ever got into the outcome of #4 and my last AVL game.  If you’ll recall I was leading by a point with two turns left.  I screwed up 1st Panzer across the river and lost Rostov in the process.  The actual events are fuzzy after such a time.  But I was able to keep him from taking any more cities.  He did take the lead in VP, I can’t remember if he bagged some armor or infantry.  I was able to get back within 1VP by cutting off some of his armor up near Karkhov.  Things looked bleak as he part of his push had been finally getting across the river between Krasnyi-Luch and Taganrog to put pressure on Stalino.  One of my armor units paid the price in the impressive offensive that #4 used to get across.

This one came down to the final chit pull.  It was a Manstein chit so I activated my Stalino area units.  The river crossing left him with two armor units a little further forward then his supporting infantry.  I banged my head trying to figure out how to cut these off and squeak out the victory.  The interlocking ZOC’s were making the movement cost too much for me.

But then the brain fog cleared.  I moved units all around the offending armor units.  The only supply path now was directly back through one hex.  As my final act, I attacked an adjacent infantry to his armor.  The odds made it impossible to not at least cause a retreat.  With that unit out of the way, I was able to exploit with my armor the two needed hexes and put both of his armor out of supply to end the game, winning by 1VP.

A fun and great game, I’d play it at the drop of a hat.  I’d say our bonehead mistakes probably equaled out in this one.  It was almost sad there had to be a loser.  🙂  #4 was much more aggressive than our first play and I think we were correct on most of the rules.  I’m looking forward to my chance to play this as the Russians.


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