Mark your calendars: PitCon '09

It’s been something like 3 years since our last official Pit get-together.  And probably something like 18 months since an informal stablemaster gaming gathering took place.  Whispers have surfaced of a desire to relive the old times.  With the PitHQ move north, this becomes more problematic, but we’ll see if a once a year “day of gaming” can work.

Therefore, I’d like to announce a gaming day scheduled for Saturday September 5.  Festivities will start at 1pm.  We’ll play games as late as anybody wants to stay up.  You’re welcome to stay over night and leave in the morning when you wake up.  Just find an open spot on the floor unless you want to bring a tent (bring a sleeping bag or something).

Bring your own beverages (and cooler and ice) and some food to share.  I’ll plan on providing meatballs and maybe some other things.  I’ll put up a post in the old Pit forum (Other topic) that links to this post where people can post what food they plan on bringing so we don’t have duplicates.

This is open to all current and previous Pit stablemasters.  Please send me an email if you plan on coming and maybe post in the forum so your fellow gamers can bug you.  I can send you the PitHQ address if you’re coming.


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