Wednesdays are for whining

Wednesday was a real good day for the most part.  I was on vacation for one, that’s always a plus.  I grilled, that always makes me happy.  We got an early start and went to the Botanical Gardens.  I’m not a sissy boy but walking around in a peaceful setting is pretty relaxing.  I’m looking forward to going back and sitting for a while reading or having a picnic.  I felt somewhat guilty.  The wifal-unit loves the flowers.  Her gardens at the old house were a site to see.  While she loved looking, I could tell it made her miss hers.  At the current place, we don’t have anything to compare to what she did at the old house.  As far as, beginning it up here, that takes some mula and we need to figure out where the sprinkler system runs before digging up anything.  So for the time being, that’s on hold.

The gardens are right nearby my old stomping grounds, Mind Games.  While over that way, I decided to stop by and take my normal browse.  I had last made a stop soon after we moved last year.  As I pulled into the little mini-shop building’s parking lot, I could tell something was wrong.  As I parked in front, my suspicions were confirmed.  Mind Games is no more.  The sign was gone, nothing but empty shelves pushed here and there were visible inside.  My mind struggled to put it all together.  Wishfulness had me thinking maybe they moved again.  After getting home, an internet search didn’t pull up much.  A link to Google maps made it seem like Mind Games now resided at someone’s residence in a Toledo subdivision.  The streetview didn’t make me agree with that.  I finally came across one tiny link that had someone posting in January that they were closing and having a big sale.  Then came the responses of people saying how that had been their store in the past and how they stopped whenever they were in town.

I guess I should be happy they lasted as long as they did.  I have a lot of good memories about that store.  The first time I ever went there was with my good bud Bill, when they were a much tinier store up farther on Reynolds Road.  In college I went there many an evening with Rich to browse what they had.  That’s where I bought my now silent Advanced Squad Leader rulebook.  They will be missed.

After finding out about that on the internet, I remembered it was the start of the NHL free agent market.  Looking through things, I saw what I had feared.  Hossa was no longer a Wing.  I had figured they wouldn’t be able able to resign him, but I hoped that maybe he had developed just a hint of loyalty to the Winged Wheel.  But nope, he moved on.  Money-wise, he’s not getting that much more than what I heard the Wings were offering, a little over a million a year more.  So that surprises me a little.  What really sucks is he went to the Blackhawks.  A team in our own division.

It was a joy to watch him during the regular season over this past season.  I’ve got no ill feelings toward him.  It will be tough watching him play against the Wings.  All I have to say is that I hope he has as much playoff success as he did for the Wings during the past playoffs.  And that the Wings eliminate the Hawks every season he plays.  🙂


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