The Wizard, Versus, and the wait

Brian Engblom, one of the hockey commentators on Versus, said before the last Wings game that Chicago needs to get in Osgood’s kitchen, because Ozzie’s got a temper and that could get him off his game.  He said something about the kitchen tonight between periods of the Pens game.

While I would say being in front of a goalie and in his face is usually a good thing for whoever you’re playing, I don’t see this connection to Osgood’s temper.  Ozzie seems like the most even keeled goaltender in the league.  Nothing seems to bother him.  He just goes about his business.  I think Brian may be confused with a Blackhawk connection and is confusing Osgood for past Hawk tender Ed Belfour.  People could skate a foot away from him and he’d start hacking with the stick.

If there’s anything that’s probably starting to raise Ozzie’s temper, it’s the continuing questions from these annoying reporters and broadcasters questioning his validity as a great goaltender.  He’s backstopped the Wings to 2 of their cups and I feel he’s the reason we’re two wins from returning to the Finals.  He plays and unconciously solid game and is very driven and focused come playoff time.  I watched Tuesday’s game with little of my normal edge of seat nervousness.  He just seemed more focused than usual even.  If not for a couple defensive mistakes he would have had a shutout.

Osgood’s playing probably the best I’ve seen him these playoffs, even better than last season.  The Wings have had numerous defensive lapses through these playoffs and Ozzie’s been there.  About every game we get off to a slow start, and Ozzie’s there to keep us in the game.  It’s been pretty exciting so far.

What’s the deal with having 2 off days?  Arena scheduling conflicts?  I’d understand that, but if not, come on.  Now I’m hearing that the first two games of the Finals may be on consecutive days.  Playoff hockey is meant to be played every other day.  Switching back and forth from an east to west coast venue is a little more understandable, but we’ve taken care of those pesky west coasters.



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