2009 Stanley Cup Playoff Conference Finals

Let’s see where I’m at.  In round 1, I picked 5 of 8 correctly.  In round 2, I picked 3 of 4.  So I’m standing at an 8 for 12.  66% ain’t bad, but I’d like to be at 75% or above.  The Hurricanes are the reason I’m not there.  Picking this round and the Finals correct will get me close.

A whale of a series we were treated to in the last round.  The Ducks are the new Avalanche as Colorado hardly measures on the rivalry map anymore.  Thank heavens these aren’t a best of 9, my heart couldn’t take another one of those games.

Here’s the quick picks for round 3.

Wings over Blackhawks – Hawks have speed, youth, and desire, but the Wings have speed, experience, and another gear.  Wings need to stay out of the box and keep up with blocking shots.

Penguins over Hurricanes – Whoever wins would give Detroit a rematch of one of their last two cups, but I’ve been thinking that a Finals rematch is a real possibility for most of the season.



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