They will take over

I had the urge to see this video today for some reason.  Seeing this video on IMF years ago introduced me to the Chemical Brothers.  The song is catchy and the video pretty cool.  Especially because at the time one of my responsibilities at work was in charge of the automation system that ran four 150(?) ton ceiling cranes in a steel coil bay.  I believe at the time (could still be to this day) the only place in the world that had four fully automated cranes running in the same bay.  These things were so precise that one time when a sensor failed, making the system believe a spot was empty, it stacked 80 ton coils perfectly balanced on top of each other.

It was a bit surreal at times standing out in the warehouse bay and watching the cranes go about their work without any human interaction.  Sometimes I expected them to begin corralling me so that one of them could grab me in their claws.  I can relate to the guy in the video.



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