Beer equilibrium and flow

Note: I’m not endorsing drinking in any way as a way of achieving a heightened sense of being.  As always, never drink and drive or set a bad example for your kids.  I don’t claim to have the G-variant gene.  This is only a post comparing what they found with some strange feelings I’ve encountered in my life.

I’ve known about this G-variant gene for years.  I always called it beer equilibrium and never knew there was an official study pertaining to it.  Amazing the things that universities spend money on.

Beer equilibrium is that place after drinking x number of beers where you achieve flow.  Flow does not require alcohol to be reached however.  Flow is very common in the programming world when a programmer becomes so engrossed in what he’s working on that the rest of the world around him ceases to exist.  There is only the problem, and all the intricate possibilities are clear.

I’ve achieved the programming flow sober and alcohol induced.  Most of Pit was coded by me sitting in a hotel room after a few beers.  Yeah, it may be crap code, but the bits flew from my fingers and everything was clear.

Flow is that feeling of playing Civilization until 3am and not being able to recall the last 4 hours going by.  There is only you and the problem at hand, the rest of the world dissolves away.

The other most prominent flows that I’ve achieved of the beer equilibrium (BE) flavor is while playing pool or golf.  A certain amount of beer consumed does something to relax me enough that the club becomes the extension that it’s supposed to be.  Drives, chips, everything just happen the way they’re supposed to.  The tricky part with BE, is maintaining it.  Consume too much and the golf game returns to the craptastic game it normally is.  It’s a fine line (as eluded to in the article) between being in the creative state and going over the edge to the tired side.

Flow is an awesome state of being, the sober version even more so than BE.  If I can ever get my ducks in a row here at home, I hope to achieve some programming flow on some personal projects.


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2 Responses to “Beer equilibrium and flow”

  1. toolman Says:

    The comment of pit programing prolly explains why time after time the Toolbox stabe gets beaten by obviously inferior stables. 🙂 lol

  2. FloydWing Says:

    I’d love to take credit for that, but I think the program just took a general dislike of you.

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