It’s been a year since I announced my new(current) job.

I can’t freaking put into words how much I hate the Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks!

I neglected to mention the passing of Dave Arneson, another of the co-creators of D&D.  He passed away about a year after Gygax.  I’ve heard some stories about who actually created the thing but I’ll keep those to myself.  Here’s a nice tribute from Wizards of the Coast.

I tried Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale tonight on draft.  It was quite delicious.  They age it in barrels that were used for bourbon.  You can actually taste the bourbon.  It’s a very light, smooth bourbon flavored ale.  Very potent though at 9% alchohol.  It’s served in a bourbon snifter.  I can’t recommend this one enough.

I so hate the ducks.

I have Van Helsing on the tube muted at the moment.  I’m thinking that’s supposed to be Dracula?  I’m sorry, but a feminine looking guy with a pony tail just doesn’t incite vampiric fear into me.

This kind of relates a little of how much I hate the quackers.

Kate Beckinsale, however, would provoke my chivalric demeanor.  Watched her in Underworld:Evolution last night also.  I’m so sad she’s not in the third one.

Nothing worse than a playoff game decided by an official.  That was an extremely early whistle, and actually the puck was across the goalline before the whistle blew.  I know that the ref can dissallow a goal just for the fact of having the intent to blow the whistle, but that kind of crap should be reviewable.  Did I mention I hate the Ducks, or more truthfully, any team that Pronger’s on.

I’m coaching soccer again this spring.  We lost our first game on Saturday.  I think we’ve got a better team than in the fall, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose every game.  I don’t know why.  Everybody works pretty well together, we’ve had very little problem getting them to buy into the working together through passing.  I’m a lot more relaxed than last season.


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