What the Grand Am said to Ubuntu while coaching Pit…

After a brief respite, car trouble is back in the picture again.  We’re scrambling to figure out how much we can handle in another payment.  Tomorrow we’re checking out a buy 2 get 1 free deal at Kia.  I’m skeptical that you really get a “deal”, somehow they get ya coming or going, I’m just not sure how.  We’ll see.  Anybody ever hear anything about this deal, or Kia in general?

I haven’t been watching the “On this day” of past blog posts but when starting to write this I noticed that a year ago I was working feverishly on fixing a playoff bug in Pit that had delayed the start of the playoffs.  Ah, what a run it was.  I remember the day I fixed the bug, spending a hidden hour away in the little cafe of the student union.  I miss those hidden hours in the cafe, don’t miss the job.

I’ve been running Ubuntu for around 3 weeks or so.  I’m loving it.  I hope to post something about it and how I went about it, just haven’t had time to sit and write those long posts that you love.  I found some nice resources on the web that helped me install a variety of things.  Though “apt-get” makes things pretty easy as long as you know what you want to install.  I don’t have the skills currently to use apt to find the things I want.  I installed Subversion, Trac, and MySQL.  Eclipse was just a simple unzipping of the downloaded file.  Such a contrast to installing Visual Studio on Windows.

One thing I missed from when I had my Mac was being able to play songs from my iTunes library from my desktop on my Mac.  I could’ve had this ability on my laptop had I ever installed iTunes on it.  So I started looking at how I could recreate that on Linux.  I went through an elaborate install and patching of Wine with git.  Then installed iTunes.  It appears to run for the most part, but it won’t discover the library contained on my desktop.  I ran this ourTunes program and it saw the library but gave some sort of error.  So I’m guessing maybe Apple did something in iTunes 8 that causes issues for such things.  Why can’t they release a linux version?  I haven’t been able to find some other program that is supposed to be able to discover the library.  What’s it through, bonjour or something?

The time has come for signing up for Spring soccer coaching.  While I think I should probably avoid the stress that comes with the job, it looks like I’m going to sign up again.  The guy I coached with last Fall are going to try to link up again.  This will definitely be it for me.  If the eldest plays next season, she’ll be in the next age bracket.  I think she needs somebody who knows what they’re talking about to coach her if she continues with it.


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  1. toolman Says:

    I’ve heard that kia ad on the radio too. Prolly the free car is the size of a shoebox.

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