Home Warranty

Big, big tip for when you’re buying a home.  Require a home warranty from the sellers.  With our luck the way it is, so far it’s saved us a lot.  Since moving in, the built in microwave died.  We had to pay $60 for a service call to diagnose the problem, but the warranty covered a brand new microwave of comparable features and installation.

Recently the washer and dryer started having problems.  The dryer occasionally just stops even if not at the end of the cycle (a real pain to find wet clothes when they should be dry) and the washer drum won’t turn.  Again, $60 service call and the rest is free.  Waiting for some parts to come in for that to be resolved.

Tonight, a crack appears above the girlywogs’ shower.  A trip up into the attic finds drops coming off what I think is furnace exhaust, dripping right on a seam in the bathroom sealing.  I’ve got a tub across the joists to stop that.  Hopefully the warranty will cover this.  Most likely some patching needs done around the roof vent.  Looking over the documentation, I haven’t found one way or the other, so hopefully I’ll find out tomorrow early enough so that if I need to call somebody else I can.

It just figures that this happens so close to the weekend.  And that it happens to us.  Even in a 13 year old house, our luck is bad as normal.



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