Weekend flowed from crap to great

Last weekend started off quite crappy, but got significantly better.

Friday was a double whammy.  It was finally discovered what the problem is that has been nagging my car since like last April.  A cracked head gasket or head, and a big time bill to go along with it.  I guess we at least know the problem now.  I always said we were going to drive our vehicles until they died, but now we need to weigh sinking money into it or if it makes sense to get something else.  Not too mention more debt either way.  On the one hand, I know how the car was treated.  I’d hope there wouldn’t be any other big surprises once we fixed it.  For me this pretty much trumps trading it in on a used car.  So that leaves the only other path is getting a new car.  This would have the affect of stringing out the one large payment into a monthly payment, but I hate another loan, though it would be better than throwing more on the credit card.  Me hates being an adult.  Most of you know I’m just pretending at it anyways.

I believe the van may be having some exhaust issues looming.  I wish they still had those “buy one get one free” car deals going on.  I’ve got the car home again.  I plan on trying out “barsleak” to maybe string things out longer and changing the oil every 500 miles.  Basically the plan is too delay the situation long enough for us to figure out our path.  Any advice from you auto types would be appreciated.

When you trade a car in, do they give it a thorough once over or are you expected to document all a vehicles issues?  I know the right thing to do would be full disclosure but I’ve heard stories of dealerships selling cars they know are lemons, so do you even bother.  What’s the etiquette, I’ve never actually traded one in before.

The other Friday downer was finding out our vision plan somehow mysteriously disappeared at work.  Just in time for the girlywogs appointment.  So nice.

After we got through Friday things got better (and much busier).  The township we now live in as a yearly Daddy-Daughter Valentine’s Dance.  The girls were looking forward to this, especially the youngest.  Not to mention Dad.  This is another one of those neato things we now have access to.  Down the road they also have a Mommy Daughter Ball or something too.

The girlywogs each got a new outfit (of course!) and the wifal unit did their hair for them.  She also volunteered and was one of the cookie ladies.  This thing is pretty well organized and popular.  Upon arriving at the high school, we were met with a packed parking lot and had to park in back and walk a ways.

I made a slight feux pas after we hung up our coats.  They had photographers so you could remember the special evening.  There was like 6 of them around the gym where we hung our coats.  There were tables in front of each and I thought we were just supposed to get in line at one.  I chose the shortest and we were in and done with our picture in no time.

We headed toward the line heading into the hall alongside more tables where the girls got a necklace and their corsage.  It was about this time I realized that the line wrapped out into the hall and around to another door back into the gym, which then led to the tables for the pictures.  I had totally skipped the line.

I’m kind of glad it worked out the way it did.  It was a long line!  But nobody said anything to us, so either nobody realized what we did, or they held their tongue and berated me under their breath.  🙂

The gym where the dance was was much larger than the first, or anything I’m used too.  They had cookies and punch which we took advantage of when the girls wanted to take a break.  We were busting quite the moves!

A cool thing they do for this dance is have a sheet/quilt that the Daddys and Daughters can sign.  Past sheets from previous years hung on the wall so you could look for your names.  We’ll be able to do that next year.  They have special songs for variety of things also.  First timers.  Last timers.  Veterans.  We danced and danced, even beyond the end time.

The girlywogs were beautiful.  I had such a good time.  The youngest especially just wanted to keep dancing and dancing.  She was mad when we finally said we had to stop.  She was so cute.  She’s normally very shy and withdrawn and worried about what others think of her.  But that night she didn’t have a care in the world, was all smiles, and really let loose and enjoyed it.  She had been asking all week when it was and after she kept saying it just didn’t seem like it should be over.

I can get quite emotional as far as my girlywogs are concerned.  Dancing slow dances with them and listening to some of the songs they played almost brought a tear to my eye more than once.  The last time we were anywhere with dancing involved, I was probably just picking them up and dancing with them.  They’ve grown up so fast.  Next year will be the last one that the eldest can attend, so that will be sad.  She’s already reached that age where she doesn’t want to hold Dad’s hand anymore when walking, for fear a friend might see her.  But she’s still my little girl, and I know she enjoyed the dance as much as me.


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  1. Toolman Says:

    Ok, when I’ve done this they are looking for obvious stuff like tires, noises, general condition of the car. When you test drive a car overnight they may do a more thourgh inspection depending on what you’ve got to trade and what you are looking at buying. I remember seeing an additive on google when I was looking for parts for the van. Supposed to fix problems like yours-but I can’t remember the product’s name. If I find it again I’ll pass it on.

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