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I’m watching the Wings and reflecting on my past week.  It’s been busy but I’ve always had some time each evening to get on the laptop.  I always end up reading blog posts in Reader.  I always have this (beautiful goal from Hossa to Hudler just happened.  WOW!) plan to do a little programming and learning, but it never happens.  I’ve decided that I subscribe to far too many blogs.  They distract me from doing anything else.  I’ve seemed to have a drive this week to get my unread count low, but what I really should do is just start unsubscribing.  I don’t know from what though.  I subscribe to a range of different programming blogs, from Java to .Net to Groovy to pure architectural discussion blogs.  And I’m adding more all the time.

Most of the blogs are technical in nature, but I have boardgaming, hockey, and others that I’ve accumulated along the way.  I’ve starred so many posts that I want to come back to someday (learning Groovy for instance).  I’m paralyzed.

I think part of the problem is I don’t know how to go about learning Groovy.  I haven’t purchased a book yet and haven’t found something online that seems like it would be fun to follow.  The other problem is my age old problem.  I haven’t been inspired with a project idea that really excites me and holds my attention, even to just get something going in Java.  When time does present itself, I usually put myself in some other activity that keeps me from putting my attention to it.

Does anybody have any techniques they use for avoiding this form of procrastination and to focus and commit?


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2 Responses to “Blog overload”

  1. James Morman Says:

    I almost never unsubscribe. I will simply delete all unread if I get too many. I call it “RSS bankruptcy”

  2. gojim Says:

    I suffer from the same old age problem. I rarely do any type of programming at home any more – just don’t have the urge – and have too many other things to keep me busy.

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