2009 Goals: Hobby related

This is the final goal setting post for the year, other than hopefully checking a few off before the end of the year.  It’s fitting that I wait until the last day of January to finally get this thrown out here.  Nothing like letting one month already be gone before spelling these out.  However, a few of these should already have some progress made toward them.

Hobbies are a very subjective goal.  For instance, a lot of my professional goals could be considered just hobbyist programming.  This just the catch all category for all the other time wasting stuff I do.


  1. Play at least 4 wargames to completion.  At least 2 should be against a live opponent.  At least 1 should be something meaty played solo.  At least 2 should be games I’ve never played before. 
    I’ve already made some progress on this last weekend (more on that in a future post).  I’d say I should probably reevaluate my targets, but these are what I had planned on.  There’s nothing that says goals have to be realistic, it’s nice that this may be one that is skewed in my favor. 
  2.  Get my game collection caught up on BGG.
    I haven’t updated anything I’ve gotten since receiving Storm Over Stalingrad back in September.
  3.  Get my play history caught up on BGG.
    I haven’t updated it for December’s gaming weekend or for last weekend.  I’ve forgotten a few family gamings from last year, so those will be lost.
I’m kind of at a loss for others.  These are pretty much all boardgame related.  I guess besides gaming and programming type stuff, I don’t really have many “me-time” related hobbies any more.  Softball was left in Ohio, watching the Wings or tasting micro-brews can’t really be used for any goal related activities, so that’s pretty much it.

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