Stupid Law

I don’t understand whatever law it is that requires brewery web sites to make you answer whether you’re over 21 or not.  What does it matter if they aren’t legal to drink?  Are teenagers somehow becoming intoxicated while looking over the selections at Budweiser’s site?  Is asking that question really preventing underaged kids from answering “yes” or entering a birthdate to gain access?  Or maybe the brewery’s are trying to show some kind of responsibility by asking their visitors.

While poking around my favorite brewery’s site, I didn’t really see anything questionable that I would be concerned about my underage child seeing.

Why don’t the freakin porn sites have to put up this crap question?  You can probably end up with a face full of material you wouldn’t want your kids seeing by accidentally clicking the wrong button.  Luckily, it hasn’t happened to my kids yet, that I know of.  But maybe having that super secure and foolproof question pop up, would stop any chance of it.


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