Russian tanks approaching Karkhov

Hostilities shall be renewed this evening, as Nephew #4 visits the friendly confines to finish our game of A Victory Lost.  The game could go either way, though I’d put it 70-30 against me pulling it out.  Whatever the outcome, I believe it will be a nail biter.  I wish it wasn’t almost over (only two turns left), I’ve really become quite enamored with AVL.

Last time we really discussed things, the plan was to speed through those final two turns and then get Storm Over Stalingrad on the table.  The box says 3 hours.  First time plays usually take longer, but the rules are pretty simple.  We’ll have teardown of AVL and then setup of SOS, then going over the rules.  With our late start, it could turn into another late night.  Though I’m resolving to not stay up so late during these gaming sessions.  (You’d already know that if I’d get my final goals post finished up.)  But hopefully with my new outlook on playing wargames (meaning – not succumbing to analysis paralysis), I’m hopeful we can speed through it.

Maybe I’ll have to stop by the hardware store and pick up another piece of plexiglass.  That way I could have SOS already set up.

Wish we had enough time to give Pandemic another go and maybe some other things, but I know better than to look any farther ahead then completing the two that are planned.


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