Anti-Inspiring People

Look at the fool you have been 
They drained the pool while you drowned in the dream 
They bought your beauty and your soul 
Then softly sold you back what they stole 

So look into the mirror do you recognise someone 
Is it who you always hoped you would become 
When you were young 

Del Amitri – When You Were Young

I’m not going to bore you with the whole “I’m so inspired” and “What a historic day” stuff, though I believe both of those things.  I’m sure that’s what you’ve been reading all over the web.

All I’ve got to say is let’s all give the guy a chance.  I saw a poll last night that said something like 88% of those who didn’t vote for Obama support him.  I find that real hard to believe, unless somehow I’m unlucky enough to hear the other 12% spewing their garbage out within my earshot.  I’m really getting annoyed with it.  I don’t think it matters what Obama says, they’ll flippantly disregard it.  I’m positive he could say the exact opposite next week and they’d disagree with it.

My theory on that poll is that it’s diluted because a lot of the people are trying to hide a hint or more of racism in their soul.  As for the 12% that have been surrounding me of late, they are either die-hard Republicans who can’t see past the party line,  or shouldn’t play sports because they’re poor sports.

He won a fair election, get over it and give him a fair shake.



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