Mini-reviews: Founders Brews

Founder’s Dirty Bastard is a Scotch style ale.  In the glass it looked like murky dark water.  I didn’t give it the in depth light bulb test, I just held it up to the lamp.  It had a nice taste.  These Scotch ales usually fall into the I love or hate category, no in-betweens.  But this one falls right in the middle at the moment.  Worth a second look and a possible six pack in the future.  It’s a mini rating of a high On An Island.

Since we’re on the topic of Founders Brewery, I had their Pale Ale late summer last year.  I made a note of it but never gave it a proper review.  I’ll only give it a mini rating now since it’s been so long and I made no documentation other than the name.  I know I really enjoyed it and thought it represented what a nice pale ale should be.  It will be one to try again and give a full review.  It gets a mini-rating of mid Darkside of the Moon.



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