2009 Goals: Professional

These are my goals of the professional variety.

  1. Continue to work hard and enjoy my job.
    This hasn’t been a problem so far, but I’m going to stay on top of things and make sure  
  2. Learn Groovy
    I learned about the Groovy programming language around a year ago during the fateful conversation that got my butt in gear.  It was on my list of technologies to learn but I never got that far.  Dynamic languages have been all the rage the past year and I’d like to learn what one can do to help me in my own projects.  Groovy is the obvious choice for me since I’m already using Java and it’s built on top of the Java Virtual Machine(JVM).
  3. Work on my own development projects
    This could be such things as finally bringing my old Overlord wargame idea to fruition or converting and extending Pit into a new development environment.  A lot of it might be plinking around with Groovy to learn it or such things as GWT (Google Web Toolkit).  Basically, just to get working on some different things to expose myself to new situations and new development libraries.  One of my paralyzing failings with the new technologies has always been not having something concrete to play with them in.  If I have some active projects, I’ll be able to see some possible uses for new things.
  4. Read at least two programming related books
    I’m in the early stages of Effective Java right now and really grokking things.  I really enjoy getting advice from smarter, more experienced people than myself.  This is a wonderful book for such things.  Coupled with #3 above, having some projects to use these newly learned methods will help to drill them home.  Perhaps another book to get would be Groovy related.  The thing with a lot of programming books, is they’re mostly used as a reference for situations you are encountering.  Reading them from front to back in order is nearly mind numbing.  So most likely succeeding at #3 will help this one succeed.
  5. By year’s end, program something that will make it worth getting a web host to make it available to on the web.
    I’ve not really been thrilled with my current web host for the last couple of years.  I find response slow as cat doo-doo, and the quality of their tech support makes dealing with most government guidelines a cake walk.  I was very close to pulling the trigger and moving FloydWing.com to a different hosting service where I could have my own application server running to host programs I would create.  But paying the extra amount to move to such a hosting service when I don’t currently have anything beyond this blog, the Pit forums, and Pit archive to put there would be a tremendous waste of money.  Another year of putting up with my current service may give me the incentive I need to make it worth it and get my money’s worth.
  6. Work on somebody else’s project
    I don’t think I’m ready to jump into some existing open source project, but one of my work associates has a couple projects that he’s in the early stages of, one that may end up open source.  He’s already mentioned having me help out, so I think I should pursue that.
  7. Start Pit back up.
    I heard from the faithful that they miss Pit.  I do too.  Even though we’re probably only three strong anymore, I still enjoy seeing how the seasons play out.  I’ve already put a little work into setting my environment back up and (most importantly) found the code and site archive.  I’ve got a a little more to do before I say we’re going to get moving for a definite, but look for a future blog post concerning this.
That’s plenty.  I’ve got one more goals post left.  And then I need to get busy on completing them!  🙂

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