Dr. Dobb's no longer a journal

I was first introduced to Dr. Dobb’s Journal at my first job out of college in Indiana.  The programmers would pass it around in order of seniority until everyone read what they wanted.  I grew to look forward to when it was my turn to peruse this month’s issue.  It holds a special place for me, just like reading the original editin of Code Complete when I first started.

After leaving the land of dirt roads behind and moving back to the home of my youth, I got my own subscription for a few years before having my employer subscribe to it.  After leaving that job, I eventually started getting it free in a complimentary subscription.  As time went by, it changed quite a bit and got thinner and thinner.

Yesterday I saw that it’s changing from a “journal” to a “report” and being included in Information Week.  So for me, that will probably be the end of my relationship with DDJ, since I’ve turned down countless complementary subscriptions to Info Week.  It’s just never done much for me.

DDJ has been a part of my programming life since the beginning of it.  But as the article stated, their focus shifted over time to be more .NET oriented and just not as interesting for me after Al Stevens quit doing his C Programming column.  I remember the joy that my co-workers and I would have figuring out the PC-Lint advertisement problem in what was wrong with the code.  

It’s something I’ll look back fondly on.  I think I’ll keep the copies I have, at least until after I reread the C Programming columns.



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