Vista jabs

Just to come clean, I’ve had very little experience with Windows Vista.  So don’t use this commentary to decide whether you want to upgrade or buy it new.  I’m sure there’s people who love it and know how to use it.  I think I’ve encountered it twice visiting the in-laws while trying to help the mother-in-law figure something out.  This was the home version, I believe.  Like all Microsoft programs, they run a scrambler on their newest version so that you can’t find anything where you knew it was in the previous version.

From the little exposure I had, it seemed like they’ve really upped the hand holding.  I tried to delete a file and I think I had to go through no less than three confirmation boxes.  Also, this Windows defender thing is constantly popping up and alarming me of spyware and all kinds of scary things.  I really think a non-computer savvy person must feel utterly paralyzed about what to do.  I let it remove said file and what I was trying to install for the mother-in-law stopped working.  So I reinstalled and ignored the thing.  I know this was supposed to be their renewed commitment to security but I was annoyed after about 5 minutes.

I’ve probably not given it enough of a chance, but no thanks.  I’m keeping my desktop and laptop on XP.

Here’s a little related humor.


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