Final Post…of 2008

Just about ready to get the New Year’s Eve festivities underway with the family.  We’re staying in again this year, which is really the way I prefer it.  We’ll be snacking and playing Wii and other games all night.  Hopefully I can stay up to see the ball drop.  Been dragging and sleeping bad all week.

I’m pretty excited about the Winter Classic tomorrow also.  I really enjoyed last year’s edition between the Sabres and Pens.  Having the Wings in it this time makes it all the better.  Even if you’re not a hockey fan, you should tune in to watch some of this.  It’s a real treat!

No need for me to follow Shindo this year with a year in review gaming recap.  I’ve hardly got anything to recap.

Hope everybody has a great time, a safe time, and that the new year is good to you.


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