Console Revolution!

young man, the power’s in your hand
slam your fist on the table and make your demand
you gotta make the right move

Youth – Matisyahu 

Nothing freaks me out more of late then those Xbox 360 commercials.  Their the ones that show people with this amazed and astonished look on their face.  Then the camera pans around their head revealing that their head is hollow and inhabited by some strange clockworks type contraption.  It’s just creepy if you ask me.  I’ll stick with our Wii.

Speaking of the Wii, my whole upper back is tight and sore, and I still lose to the girlywogs!  All except for bowling, that’s still Dad’s sport.  This is only after one day of the thing.  Anybody got some suggestions for good games on the Wii?  We’re hoping to pick up Wii Fit at some point.

These console manufacturers really have a racket going.  It’s stupid that only one controller comes with the console.  We were ready and now have three remotes and two nunchuks, but it’s annoying.  We still need to get one more remote.  I don’t know how many games use the nunchuks so I don’t know about needing additional ones of those.  Consoles should default to two people playing at the same time and provide the necessary equipment for that.


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