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Bell’s Hell Hath No Fury… Ale

I think you know that beers that have entertaining labels bring me immense pleasure. Nothing like the brewery putting some thought into the label as much as the brew. This one has a small funny looking devil, replete with horns and pointy tail. He has a very tentative smile and worried eyes looking up at a lady, hands on hips, looking at him with an unhappy look on her face. Very fitting given the name of the beer.

The description from the back reads “A brew that gives you either sympathy for the devil or the courage to face him. Goes especially well with your favorite lost my girl/truck/dog/trailer song.” Not present on the bottle, but the six pack carrier shows is as an American Dubbel Dark Ale.

Pours out black as tar in the glass with a creamy brown head. No seeing any light through this. Initial reaction to this would make me think of a porter. Smells of roasted or burnt malts. It really makes you question the ale name.

First sip – WOW! It’s definitely not what you’d expect. Flavor explodes in your mouth. The liquid flows with a creamy thick smoothness across your tongue. It’s such a surprise that you just want to keep sipping it to allay your disbelief. That could be bad as the 7.5% alc. by volume gives it a kick that sneaks up on you. I can speak from experience that this is a heavy beer. Even having just one or two in an evening, you wake up knowing you drank something of quality.

Time for my ruling, start the drum roll please. Bell’s Brewery continues to amaze me. I’ve still not found one of their beers that I wouldn’t drink again. This isn’t a beer that you’d want to sit down and drink a whole six pack in one sitting. This is the sort that you sip by the fire or as you gaze out on the snow falling. As far as rating, this is a strong Animals. I’m going to give it my favorite song off that album, Dogs. This would be a great beer to sit and listen to all 17 minutes of Dogs and reflect on its meaning.


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