A Victory Lost retreat questions

I played some AVL over the weekend and ran into some questions that I wasn’t able to answer from looking through the rules.  They may be there, I just can’t find them.  I figured I’d post them here so I wouldn’t forget them before digging through BGG for them.  Or possible another person can give me the rundown.

We had two situations of retreat and another that I just thought of and am curious about.  They all deal with retreat across a major river.  The rules mention how you have to start next to a major river to retreat across it and I think that you can’t retreat across it unless it’s your first retreat space.  But it says nothing about what happens if because of this you can’t satisfy your retreat.

Here’s the situations:

  • Two units sit next to the major river and gets a ?DR2 result.  What do they do?  They aren’t supposed to move after that first move across the river, right?  Should they lose a step because of it?  Since I couldn’t find anything definite, we let the unit retreat to a second hex.
  • Two units sit next to the major river gets a 2DR1 result.  There is a bridge retreat option but that would take them in an enemy ZOC.  The retreat rules say they should avoid EZOC if possible.  So we went with our previous precedence and let them cross without the bridge.  Both hexes would cause a violation of stacking so they’d have to keep retreating.  What affect would that have if going across an unbridged river hex?
  • Here’s one I just thought up, though this may have happened.  What if the unit must retreat two hexes, but the first hex takes it to the edge of the major river?  Can it cross as its second retreat hex?

I had a blast playing AVL again.  We still have two turns to go.  I’ll try to post our situation in a future post.



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  1. gojim Says:

    #1 – Units are not supposed to MOVE after the first hex when crossing an unbridged major river. Retreating units are not using MPs to move (9.5.1), so I would say you should be able to go to the second hex.

    #2 – Sounds like how I would have played it.

    #3 – I would say that the units in question would be eliminated as per 9.5.8.

    We’ve played the first 7 turns in the last two days (this is a long game, for what it is), and it’s pretty close. Kharkov has just fallen, but there has been little progress for the Russians in other areas. The score at this time is Germans-20 / Russians-15 (The Germans have not killed a single Russian mechanized unit).

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