No mash or junk

In sad news, it doesn’t appear that I’m going to make it to CodeMash this year.  This was a great little convention that I went to last January and really learned a lot and got a lot of energy from.  I also got to spend some time with Sixftunda.  I’m still supposed to post a recap of the conference.  I’ve got my notes still.  This conference is worth paying for out of my own pocket, but I’m not keen to use 3 days of vacation so early in the new year.  So maybe next year.  😦

In amazing news, tonight marks the end of a personal journey.  That journey has been accumulating baggage over the course of probably 11 years or so.  I’ve been cutting through that baggage for the last couple months.  Tonight, I finished it off, cutting it down to only a remaining 3.  What the heck am I talking about?

My addiction to collecting everybody’s old piece of junk computer that they were throwing out.  Besides the actual running 3 desktops and 1 laptop that make up my personal network, I had near 11 old pieces of junk that I had been holding on to over the years with thoughts of refurbishing into a Beowulf Cluster.  While I went through many an iteration of installing Linux here and there, I never really kept anything running for long before abandoning it.

So another good thing that came out of this move is finally parting with a bunch of this crap.  I’ve also managed to junk out a couple tempermental old deskjet printers as well as an 80’s era line printer.  Two or three monitors went to Goodwill.  I stripped all the hard drives and memory (as well as a CD-ROM, few network cards, and some wire strips) from the old computers and deposited them in trash over the last couple months.  Tonight finished it up.  What I’m left with is one extra monitor, 2 working scrap desktops for if I get the itch to play, and a relatively new desktop that I think has a fried motherboard.  I’ll probably transfer the hard drive out of that one if I can’t get it running again.  Anybody know how to test whether memory is still good?  I’d love to transfer that also, but that may be what fried it.

I would so love to be able to replace all my massive monitors with LCD’s, and replace a few of the desktops in use with laptops.  Don’t see that happening for quite some time though.  The girlywogs grew beyond the desktops I have for them long ago, but I’m still pretty much keeping my best desktop software-crud free.


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