Leaves of Wonder

So it would appear that those few Wolverine fans that frequent this blog from time to time were too embarrassed to even declare their allegiance. So this first installment of the FloydWing Big Game Fan Poll goes to the Buckeye Fans 2-0.  I’m bummed I didn’t even get to cast a tie breaking vote.

So I spent the weekend finally working on the last dump of leaves in the yard.  Rain, sickness, rain, and time change conspired to put me way behind.  I had been caught up before that.  I got a little over half of the back yard piled and had bagged 9 big bags of the stuff, hardly making a dent from the pile.  The rest of the backyard and front still waited to be piled up.  A neighbor stopped by and talked me into just having one of the local yard services come and pile and remove the leaves.  He had used to do it, but since decided it’s just not worth it anymore, and pretty much the rest of the neighborhood has converted to that also.  Hopefully, this late in the season, I can find a discount from someone looking for a little extra Christmas money.

I’m hoping to start some more posts in the same vein as my Part-Time Developer series over the next couple of months.  No, this doesn’t mean I’m looking for another job, it’s just that I’m starting to equip my laptop and desktop with the newest Java development tools.  I hope to start a new tinkering project and hope to be able to involve you readers with next to no time commitment.  I should go back over those old posts and see if I can properly format the code, especially since I just upgraded.

I don’t know if I should keep the same name or come up with something new.  I am a full time developer now, so perhaps the part time title could refer to my hobbyist pursuits.  If anybody has any thoughts, please post them.  Hopefully, in the next couple weeks I can make an initial post talking about the tools I’m going to use for my tinkering and take any suggestions of other good tools to play around with.

I’ve still found nothing about the “accented A” problem, so it’s looking like that will just be a crappy artifact.  I don’t think I’m keen to sit and manually edit every post.

Good news for Pit.  I have a copy of Visual Studio 2005 so I should be able to install that and work with the current codebase.  However, the bad news is I don’t know where my CDs are that I copied everything off to are.  I copied the Pit codebase, site backup, and everything to a CD or two and I don’t know where they are.  I believe I also have the important stuff on a USB key so disaster isn’t yet imminent.  As far as when season 8 will start, that’s still up in the air.  We’ll have a few things to sort out.  I’ll make a post here when it’s time to start paying attention to the forums.

I miss my MacBook Pro something fierce.  My old HP just isn’t doing it for me.  It seems so blocky, nothing like the sleekness of my Mac.  Development was such a joy, being able to drop to the command line at a moments notice.  I feel so hampered by Windows.  One of the biggest things I miss, is being able to have multiple desktop windows set up (I would have 4), and being able to put running apps in different ones.  So I could have my email and browser in one, Eclipse in another, command line access in a different one, and the fourth for whatever else.  Plus doing the cube rotation switch between them was always so elegant.  I figure it’s been a while since I gave Sixftunda something to razz me about, so this paragraph is dedicated to him.  🙂


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