A hoot of an ale

It’s amazing how many of the different beers I’ve tried since moving north of the border are made right here in Michigan. It could be some preference of Flick’s to carry more local brews or maybe luck of the draw. I know I wouldn’t mind if they’d bring some Pennsylvania brews in also. I’ve had many a hoppy brew from there in the past.

Today’s selection is from Bell’s Brewery and is a seasonal that is just coming online. It’s their Best Brown Ale.

It’s got a soft brown color and not a lot of head with the pour. My sniffer isn’t working very well at the moment so I can’t comment on the smell. It’s got a nice malty taste. Smooth as silk as it glides over the tongue. It then finishes with some some sweetness at the back of the tongue. At times, I almost get a slight porter-type taste, which is a real treat for me. This is a wonderful introduction to the cold weather before moving on to the hearty porter and stouts that are great to sip by the fire.

Ah, which reminds me of the bottle which shows an owl sitting on a snow kissed fence post.

According to the FloydWing scale, this one makes a strong midrange Darkside of the Moon showing.


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