Not quite live box opening: Afrika 2nd Edition

This is the 2nd edition of Afrika which is made by The Gamer’s and is part of the SCS series. Field Commander Erwin Rommel is pictured on the cover.

Opening the box we find:

What seems to be the normal red and white dice supplied by MMP.

The normal MMP checklist of the box contents.

Afrika 2 specific rulebook. I’ve read these a couple times over the last couple years since they are available online. I’ll need to read them again before I would play.

Map B.

1 counter sheet. I’m surprised there’s not more counters. From the counter density, you’d think you could play through the campaign in good time.

Map A. The maps stretch from Libya to Cairo. Lot’s of nice informational charts in the Med.

SCS rules version 1.7. I think this is the most recent version but I’ll need to check. I’m guessing they are since this 2nd edition came out after The Mighty Endeavor.

That’s all. I’m getting pretty excited about getting some of the African theater to the table. But don’t fear Shindo, I’m committed to getting into Tunisia first. I’m a little stalled at the moment, as usual. But I’m hoping the Thanksgiving push will alloy me to get the basement cleaned up and have a place to setup. I’m slowly making my way through the OCS rules again, but I think I’m gonna have to just bite the bullet and do the two hour reading marathon that you suggested.


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