The Big Game

So this year’s edition of the Buckeyes/Wolverines game is this Saturday.  Not as much on the line as in recent years.  The Bucks have a chance for the Big 10 title with help and the Wolverines, they’re pretty much just left with trying to gain back some dignity.  I’ve heard all the jokes, the best one goes “I heard the game is cancelled on Saturday.  The Wolverines can’t get past Toledo.”  That actually is quite funny.  However, it don’t matter what kind of season either of these teams have had, when it comes to this game, it’s always tough.  I’ve lost count how many times one of these teams have dashed bowl hopes for the other in this game.

So, in my own little preview of what’s to come, how about my readers throw a comment here for which side of the border their allegiance lies.  I won’t vote, that wouldn’t be fair, but I’ll retain my tie-breaking vote power if such a need arises.  Even if your not rooting for one of these sides, throw your vote for your team.  Everybody can make their prediction also.  I’m going with the Buckeyes 21-20.

My plan of moving of here and poisoning the Wolverines season has worked out much better than expected.

I’ll probably have to record the game and watch it later.  If it’s not raining, I need to be working hard bagging leaves.  I was sick two weeks ago and then it rained last weekend, so this could be my last chance.


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2 Responses to “The Big Game”

  1. James Morman Says:

    DA Bucks!

  2. Toolman Says:

    The Bucks will skin the Wolverines 27-7.

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