Blog Upgrade Headache

I hate computers.  I hate hardware.  I hate software.  One thing they seem to have in common, is that they can work one minute, and not the next.  The sudden change of my paragraphs not working is a great example of this delemma.  I hadn’t messed with the internal settings of the blog for months and all of a sudden I notice it won’t put paragraph breaks in.  The older posts were fine as long as I didn’t re-edit them and save, which would strip out the breaks.  Horribly upsetting.

So today I put a little time into upgrading the blog.  I noticed on my site’s admin console that I could let it upgrade it automatically.  I knew all my customizations would be blown away, but oh well.  I couldn’t remember what files I had customized and which I hadn’t.

The first wonderful upgrade problem I encountered was that the blog could no longer access the database.  I’d long ago forgotten the password, so I blasted the old account and created a new.  Then I noticed most of the plugins were no longer working.  Spent most of my upgrade time mucking around with those.  Deleted a few, figuring if I had need for them in the future, I’d refigure out how to set them up again.  Most important to me is the “On this day” and “Related post” functionality.  The “On this day” continued to work (or at least show up), but the “Related post” were gone because of the overlayed files.  I found a newer version that was supposed to magically work without editing any files.  So I downloaded that, blew away the old, and uploaded the new.  I finally got it appearing on single post views.  I refigured out to make it show up on the multi-post front page.  It’s supposed to show up via RSS also, but I’m not seeing it and am tired of mucking about.

All in all, it’s taken around 2 hours to get things back working, which isn’t real bad.  As soon as I post this, I’ll see whether I still have the paragraph break problem, which I shouldn’t!  If not, I’ll reedit the couple posts that it affected.  However, a new wonderful annoyance that I see is an accented capital A appearing in all my previous posts.  The upgrade had to do something to the database and indeed, that characters appears there when I look at the raw data.  So one more thing I’ll have to do some research in.  If anybody knows how to represent that character in a SQL script to remove it, let me know.

Update: The paragraph break hiccup appears to be fixed.  I’ll fix the other two posts shortly.  🙂

Another Update:  Sweet!  The related posts are now appearing in the RSS feed.  My searching has revealed nothing about the accented A character appearing.


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